Best Massage Chair for Lower Back Pain Relief

Best Massage Chair for Lower Back Pain

About 80% of adolescents will face low back pain at some point in their lives. A massage is a form of treatment that may help people with lower back pain. There are massage chairs, specially made for this.

In the past, people considered it a non-essential item. However, they are unaware that massage chairs can now play an essential part in massage therapy. The massage chair is capable of curing the majority of ailments. A strong massage chair will give you the same relaxing sensation as a real massage.

Thus, seeking such a chair can be challenging. So, this article will show you some of the best massage chairs for lower back pain problems to buy!

Best Massage Chair for Lower Back Pain – Comparison Table

top pick
most popular
Kahuna Superior SM-7300 Massage Chair

More Details about Best Massage Chair for Lower Back Pain

1. Osaki OS4000TA – Top Pick

3. Osaki OS-4000T Zero Gravity Computer Body Scan Reclining Full Body Massage Chair with Foot Roller

One of the outstanding massage chairs created by the titan company is this Osaki OS-4000 chair. It is a professional complete body massage chair having an ergonomic design. There are a lot of great features of this Osaki full-body massage chair.

Cutting-Edge Technology

When it comes to construction quality, this luxury chair is made with cutting-edge technology. It has a regular polymeric coating that increases durability, longevity, and safety. It has six pre-programmed applications to change the relaxation modes.

Also, it has a wide customizable LCD wireless controller that enables you to choose the massage style, strength, pace, and location.

Zero-Gravity Configuration

This chair has a NASA-approved two-stage zero-gravity configuration, seated movement massage, and automatic leg scanning innovation. Due to its high excellent characteristics, the Osaki full body massage chair is also a bit pricey.

Various massaging applications relieve tension in the neck and back, boost metabolism.

Multiple Color Options

This chair is available in a variety of specialized shades, including black, brown, and charcoal. In this way, you can easily choose your favorite color.

It has rollers for foot massage therapy, airbags for whole-body massage, and warming patches for the reduced lumbar spine.


  • Automatic massage setting
  • Highly durable and reliable construction
  • Advanced body scan technology
  • Automatically adjusts the height and weight
  • Fully ergonomic structure


  • Short time warranty

2. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-Classic] – Comfortable


This Lengthy RELAXONCHAIR is designed to relax your back, gliding from your bottom skulls to your knees. The chair comes fully assembled. It is presently the largest L-track product on the market that is made to handle consumers from 5′ 2″ to 6′ 5″ tall.

Ideal Zero Gravity

You have to simply plug in the energy and begin receiving your treatment straight away. You will recline from 115 to 160 degrees to achieve your ideal zero gravity position. Most people can benefit from the built-in 7 auto programs.

Automated Massage Features

Also, it includes stretching modes, but you can also use automated massage features to manage your massage. You may use targeted massage to reach specific regions on your spine. You will get air massage treatment for your sides, shoulders, ankles, and feet.

Built-In Spinal Aid

It has designed with built-in spinal assistance to the complete upper and lower back areas. This ensures you will have a better deep tissue massage. It is because the chair focuses on unique pain treatment to improve your overall wellbeing along with deep tissue massage.

Furthermore, It soothes the sole and heel by rolling forward as well as backward.


  • Powerful and surprising massage
  • Compact and effective design
  • Adjustable height of the chair
  • Helps to increase the blood circulation


  • Not good customer services

3. Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 – Most Popular

Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair

With its innovative feature, this space-saving zero-gravity massage chair provides powerful pain medication. This back and leg massage chair is a low-end massage chair, which indicates it is less expensive than the prior incarnations.

Heat Stimulation Features

It Is a one-of-a-kind yoga and heat stimulation mat. Rollers, crumple zones, and insulation are all included in the Kahuna massage chair. It has double pulleys in the foot region that operate on a 2D device to provide a pleasant foot massage.

Quad Bearings

This full-body zero-gravity item has a lot of best attributes. Quad bearings, which operate on an L-track from your neck to your thighs, are also included. Extending the back with yoga is an excellent way to alleviate stress.

For cleanliness reasons, the footer area has a retractable and easy to clean fabric footer region. This Kahuna Massage Chair is only for use in the home.

LCD Control System

The inclusion of heat choices in the abdominal area allows the body to recover. The complete chair is made up of 25 airbags that massage your full body.

Three shiatsu massage configurations, a special body simulator, and an LCD control system are included in this chair. The FDA has approved this space-saving zero-gravity massage chair.


  • Extra and advanced foot padding
  • Remote controller features
  • Air massage technology included
  • 6 Different auto programs
  • Detachable and washable components


  • Average quality construction

4. Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 – Best Design


If you are on the higher or heavy end of the scale, you know how tough it can be to find a comfortable massage chair. So, if you need a design that can accommodate taller and heavier users, the Kahuna SM-7300 is a great alternative.

Higher Back Pain Efficiency

This Kahuna chair can hold up to 320 pounds and 6 feet 5 inches in diameter. Even if you are a smaller person, it will look amazing on you. This framework incorporates six pulleys with massage bounces to help you alleviate tension and back pain efficiently.

Headband Squeezing Message Function

You will appreciate the fitness functionality on this full body massage chair if your muscle is overstretched and overtired.

It helps the muscles to heal more easily while also relieving pain. There is the headband squeezing message functionality on the SM-7300. It will surround your tired muscles and execute one of 3 choices at a time.

Last Longer

So, if you are not a consumer of too-intense massage techniques or searching for something more soothing, it is the best choice. Rubbing, spinning, and rolling are the three methods available with it. This also implies that it is designed to last longer than most massage chairs.


  • More user-friendly remote-control features
  • Pain relief relaxation functions
  • Zero gravity positions
  • Provides unique massage experience
  • Heavier and bigger body fitting


  • A bit confusing to find a focus point

5. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1


The Human Touch Ultra Whole-Body Massage chair is the perfect option for you if you don’t have a large area for a reclining chair. Human Touch’s massage chair is a high-end relaxation chair with exceptional results.

Five Auto-Massage Services

This massage chair has a distinctive design while providing a full-body massage. Of all the previous ones, this chair is one of the most affordable.

There are five auto-massage services for pain reduction, reduced stress, and physiotherapy included.

Lateral Heat Packs

Total back, higher back, lower back, relaxing, and sleeping are the five auto-massages. It has lateral heat packs, dual motors for autonomous back modification, and a proprietary warm air system. All these features help to relieve pain from shoulder to back muscles.

This whole-body, heated massage chair comes in three different colors as black, bone, and caffeine. When a pas is present, it often spins into a rug to provide a convenient chance to rest your legs.

Stress Relieving Opportunity

You can enjoy a relaxing, receptive massage that provides a stress-relieving opportunity unlike any other.

The Flex-Glide system, which eliminates the scratching and discomfort associated with conventional massage chairs. This feature provides a smooth slide that allows you to bask in the warmth of total relaxation.


  • Powered with figure 8-technology
  • Wave-like motion to optimize blood flow
  • Increase general health and vitality
  • Latest 3D orbital system


  • Not sufficient fabric

6. Relaxzen 60-079008 8 – Best Ottoman

Relaxzen 60-079008 8

This one is the last but surely not the least. When it comes to stimulation, this recliner has protected you with eight, strategically positioned vibratory massage mechanisms These mechanisms always sound great.

Comfortably Positioned Hand Controller

You can assign them to four zones using the comfortably positioned hand controller. These zones can be the center back, hips, buttocks, or lumbar.

You can also switch on or off the lateral heating as required. And without the massage, this is the pinnacle of relaxing warmth. It is breathtaking with the massage on. All of this comes at a remarkably low cost.

Integrated Heat Treatment

You can comfortably monitor your treatment in complete darkness due to the back-lit buttons and tiny scale. Massages will last up to 30 minutes with the zero-gravity position if you want them to.

Zero Gravity Position

For taller people, the footrest may be stretched 6″. By the end of the body massage, the chair stays in a seated or zero gravity position. So, if you feel sleepy during your treatment, you will not be disturbed.


  • 8-power vibrating massage systems
  • Handsomely designed with PU leather
  • Surprisingly reasonable budget
  • Complete heat treatment functions


  • Too high lumbar

7. Nouhaus Modern Massage Chair with Ottoman

Nouhaus Modern Massage Chair with Ottoman

Are you tired of using your old-fashioned slipper chair? Forget about the slipping handheld chair massagers and expensive psychotherapist visits. This luxurious NOUHAUS Modern Chair likes to bring you the massage you have been craving.

Actively Roll Tense Tissues

The I-Track softly massages your hips and buttocks while actively rolling tense muscles along with the breadth of your backbone. It can be used with or without steam, either for a full-back treatment or a specific field. Thus, you can easily choose the type of therapy you want.

Legs-Up Relaxation

This modern and zero-gravity massage chair will relieve pressure from your back to your buttocks. This is also lighter on its feet, apart from a heavy overweight chair.

Additionally, this relaxing ottoman chair suits your body and your house. It is designed with Shiatsu and Axle Enhanced massages, 90 Degree Wiggle, Authentic Fabric, and Legs-Up Relaxation!

Very Lightweight and Compact

This massaging chair performs similarly to those large and hideous chairs. It has a 4-point base that raises it 20 inches above the ground and weighs just 62 pounds. It is 27″x38″ and can be used as a room chair, tv chair, or man cave furniture!


  • The soothing ottoman chair fits perfectly
  • A genuine leather accent chair
  • Very space-saving and reliable construction
  • 1-year complete warranty


  • Does not recline

8. HOMCOM ‎A2-0051 – Budget Pick

HOMCOM ‎A2-0051

Are you tired of looking for the best massage chair is both affordable and best performing? If yes, then you are at the right spot! HOMCOM High Back Faux Leather Massage Chair is the right alternative for you.

Different massage Configurations

The mobile regulates 6 different massage configurations with built-in separate warming and vibratory choices. These features address the upper back, lower back, and legs, allowing you to personalize your treatment. This shiatsu massage chair also helps to enhance oxygen, blood glucose levels and enhances muscle strength.

Outstanding Full Body Protection

With the countdown setting, you can set it for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. To provide outstanding full-body protection, the covered bench, armrests, and headrest can slouch up to 135 degrees. For extra comfort, you can gently move backward and forth.

You will appreciate this unit’s space-saving innovation, which helps you to completely flex it considering the absence of wall visibility.

Elevated PU Leather

Besides that, extra-padded, elevated PU leather upholstery keeps you relaxed while seated for lengthy periods. It prevents exhaustion in this executive comfy seat with a smooth PU leather build. To endure daily usage, the high-quality PU fabric can be completely wiped and is fade-proof.


  • Curved PU leather design
  • Upper and lower back pain relief
  • Independent heating and vibrating options
  • Easy to customize time and duration
  • Cleaned and fade-resistant material


  • Quite louder while start massaging

Best Massage Chair for Lower Back Pain – Conclusion

All this write-up was based on the best massage chair for lower back pain. So, before going to purchase an item, make sure you have determined all your needs and requirements.

Among all, I will like to suggest the Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair as the best one. This chair has manufactured with powerful and portable features.

If you have got some beneficial tips from this article then do share your valuable compliments! 

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