Where To Put Massage Chair In House? Full Guide

where to put massage chair in house

When it comes to setting up your at-home oasis of repose, nothing beats a prime massage chair. Not only do they are okay for your physical needs, but also they’re perfect for improving the aesthetic of any room in which you prefer to place it.

At a glance, the majority of massage chairs require 80 inches of floor space when fully reclined. However, understanding the finest placement of your message chair, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or office, can be tricky.

In this blog post, we’ll provide everything you need to know about how to determine where best to place your massage chair at home so that you can reap the full benefits of its presence! From factors like room size, accessibility, and aesthetics to the more practical concerns like proximity to power outlets, we’ll cover each and every perspective.

So, let’s get started!

Overview Of The Space Requirement Of Each Type

Broadly speaking, there are a vast number of high-quality massage chair models available with primarily advanced massage functions. For instance, whatever chair you prefer, whether it’s a full-body massage chair, zero gravity massage chair, or a compact-size therapies massage chair. Generally, they will require at least 1x2m of floor space.

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Top Places To Put A Massage Chair In Your House


Clinching the soundest spot for your massage chair can turn an ordinary home into a personal wellness haven. Below we have shortlisted some top places in your house to consider:

Living Room

In fact, the living room is often considered the heart of a home, a place where we unwind after a long day. By placing your massage chair here, you can enjoy a relaxing massage while watching your favorite TV show, movies, and web series or simply while catching up with buddies and family members.

But remember, living rooms are often high-traffic areas. Check that your chair isn’t obstructing movement, and examine its metaphysics in relation to other furniture. An option could be to position the chair in a cozy corner where it’s easily accessible yet not in the way.


If privacy and peace are drugged on your list, your bedroom might be the standard spot for your massage chair. In your private space, you can start your day with a gentle massage or winding down with a relaxing session before bed. The close proximity to your sleeping area makes this a seamless part of your routine. Just ensure the chair doesn’t overcrowd your room, disrupt your decor, or become a source of unwanted noise that might disturb a sleeping partner.

Home Office

A home office can be an excellent place for a new massage chair, especially if you work long hours and don’t get much time to scout outside from your room. Positioning your chair near the desk and work area would give you easy access to your massage chair whenever you need a break from all the work pressure. Even better, regular short breaks for a chair massage can relieve stress, boost productivity, and mitigate the negative effects of sitting for extended periods.

Dedicated Massage Room

If you have the room and budget, why not create a dedicated massage room? This room can be your personal spa, complete with a massage chair, soft lighting, and soothing music. It’s the ultimate luxury, a space where you can fully relax away from the hustle and bustle of usual life.

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Other Unique Spaces

  • Balcony or Enclosed Patio: If you live in a region with a pleasant climate, consider placing your massage chair on your balcony or enclosed patio. With natural light and stunning views, you can get the best massage experience.
  • Home Theater or Media Room: A home theater or media room is another excellent place for a massage chair. You can enjoy a relaxing massage while binge-watching your favorite series or during a movie marathon.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Where To Put Your Massage Chair

Room size

Typically, the dimensions of the room are pivotal when nailing where to place your massage chair. Measure your room size in width x length, and then reckon the available space which you can utilize to put a perfect massage chair. Full-body massage chairs are larger and demand ample space, particularly when in full recline mode. In contrast, portable massage chairs or massage pads are more versatile and space-saving options. It’s pretty fabulous if your choice should strike a balance between space availability and the desired level of comfort.

Accessibility & Convenience

Ideally, your massage chair should be easily reachable. Think about when and how you’ll use it. If you plan to relax with a massage while watching TV, your living room could be a nice fit. If you want to unwind in private right before bed, then your bedroom could be the ideal place. The location should also allow for easy entry and exit from the chair, especially when it’s in a reclined position.

Privacy & Tranquility

Undeniably, you can get the most out of your luxury chair when used in a calm, quiet environment where you can relax without a break. This factor might lead you to choose a quieter part of your home, such as your bedroom or a dedicated relaxation room. Privacy doesn’t only mean being away from others—it also includes reducing exposure to noise, whether from a bustling kitchen or a busy street outside.

Power Sources & Cable Management

Unless you’ve got a battery-operated massage chair, you’ll need to position it near a power outlet. It’s true this necessity can limit your preference, but recall that extension cords can help when needed. That said, cable management is another crucial aspect—after all, you wouldn’t want to trip over cords or ruin your room’s aesthetic with visible wiring. Choose a location where you can easily hide or manage cords.

Room aesthetics & chair design

Aromatically, your massaging chair should round off your existing decor. A chair that clashes with your room’s artistic can feel like an eyesore, no matter how comfy it is. Consider the chair’s color, material, and overall design, as well as the room’s style. A sleek, modern massage chair might look out of place in a traditionally styled room and vice versa. The chair can also be made to blend in using creative ideas like placing it near similar furniture or using area rugs or screens.

Tips To Match Your Massage Chair With The Existing Furniture

Tips To Match Your Massage Chair With The Existing Furniture

Match Colors And Materials

One of the easiest ways to ensure your massage chair fits seamlessly with your decor is by matching its color and material with your existing furniture. Black or brown leather massage chairs, for instance, often pair well with similar traditional furniture. Similarly, a sleek, white chair could complement a modern, minimalist room design.

Use Rugs And Dividers

Well, rugs can anchor a massage chair within a space, especially in open-plan homes. Choose a rug that counterpart both your chair and your room’s color scheme to create a cohesive look. Room dividers or screens can also help delineate a specific area for your chair, creating a sense of privacy and turning it into a distinct relaxation zone.

Complement With Other Decor Items

To put it simply, you can Improve the way your massage chair blends in with other decorative items in the room. A side table, for example, can provide a place for a drink or book while you enjoy your massage. A stylish lamp could add warm lighting, enhancing the ambiance. Matching the style and color of these elements with your massage chair can create a harmonious look.

Balancing Function And Form

While aesthetics are important, remember the primary purpose of your massage chair—relaxation and wellness. Position your chair in a way that maximizes its use. The perfect balance is a chair that looks great in your room and is positioned for optimal comfort and accessibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much space do I need for a massage chair?

Normally, this depends on the type of massage chair. Full-body chairs require ample space, especially when in recline mode. Portable chairs or massage pads need less room. Generally, 1x2m or 80 inches of space is enough for a massage chair.

Can I put a massage chair on a carpet?

In all likelihood, it depends upon your personal preference. But it is advisable to place a mat or rug underneath it to protect your carpet from damage and reduce the risk of slipping. Also, the mat or rug should be large enough to accommodate the massage chair and its movements.

Can I put my massage chair near a window?

Yes, but avoid direct sunlight, which can fade the upholstery over time. Also, ensure the window is well-insulated to prevent temperature fluctuations that could affect the chair’s electronics.

Can I move my massage chair once it’s set up?

Most massage chairs can be moved, but due to their bulky weight, it can be challenging. However, the massage chair has castors installed to make it easy to move. Usually, the castors are located at the back of the chair. To move the chair, lift the backrest to raise the front of the chair and rest its center of gravity on the castors.

Conclusion – The Bottom Line!

All in all, you can place your massage chair anywhere from your living room to your bedroom and even in the office room as long as it meets space requirements and allows for easy access. To make the chair blend with your existing furniture, match colors and materials, use rugs and dividers to separate it, and complement it with other decorative items. Once you have the right spot, you can enjoy its full range of benefits—from deep relaxation to improved blood circulation and so much more.

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