Best 7 Massage Chairs for Tall Person Reviews and Buying Guide


It is not easy to find out comfortable massage chair for a tall person. The struggle is real when it comes to massage chairs. The massage chair options available in the market are expensive and very less in number.

Tall persons face a problem. The massage chair either fails to accommodate their head or their feel dangle rather than tucked in the leg. To ease this problem, I have come up with various massage chairs for tall people where they can sit comfortably and have their massage in a better way.

Best Massage Chair for a Tall Person – Comparison Table

Best Massage Chair for a Tall Person – Reviews

1. Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 – Top Pick

Best Massage Chair For Tall Person - Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

Kahuna LM6800 massage chair recliner comes with the following characteristics.

Overall structure

It comes with a 6 auto massage program with a double-layered L track massage system. You can set the time limit up to 30 minutes. Arm airbag comes in a new design, and the shoulder airbags are double layered. It also comes with 3 stages of zero gravity to help you effectively enjoy a massage, remote holder, and extra foot padding to provide you with extra comfort.

Body scanning technology

It comes with amazing body scanning technology that scans to check your entire body’s size for customizing the chair size according to your body to ensure proper massage.

Massage programs

The 6 different massage programs include special yoga for stretching the full body. Space-saving technology that helps your hands to have a decent massage and dual rollers for feet.


It comes with easy to register warranty service for an online massage chair. The warranty period is 3 years. The warranty is offered for all parts, including structural framework and labor. Within this period, if you face any problem, the company fixes it for you. This service is free for all parts and labor costs in the first year, and you don’t have to pay anything during the first year of warranty.

Foot area

The Foot area comes with dual rollers, and the footer area is detachable for sanitary purposes. It is approved by FDA as a medical device and is top-rated as a massage chair for a tall person.

After getting to know about its specifications, you must be asking that why should you buy this? Which characteristics of it make it unique and worth going for? So, it is a technologically advanced massage chair with multiple user memory settings.


  • Detachable feet holder
  • 6 auto massage programs
  • 3D massage technology
  • Double rollers
  • Zero gravity
  • Comfortable cushion padding
  • 3 years warranty


  • No white glove service

Why should you buy this?

After getting to know about its specifications, you must be asking that why should you buy this? Which characteristics of it make it unique and worth going for? So, it is a technologically advanced massage chair with multiple user memory settings.

2. Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner – Most Popular

Best Massage Chair For Tall Person - Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

You can adjust the position of the massage chair the way you need it. It comes with 3 levels of speed control, width control, and intensity control. The air massage comes with 4 levels of different pressures. The four massage points provide a completely relaxing massage. It comes with an adjustable headrest. It supports heat therapy to the neck, shoulder, back, waist, legs, and foot and allows the heart muscles to relax a little.

Airbags and heat therapy

Shiatsu massage chair comes with 21 airbags located in the arms, waist, hips, shoulders, thighs, calves, and feet area very strategically. It combines air pressure with vibrations for massaging different parts of the body from head to toes. These airbags, when combined with heat therapy, increase blood circulation and release the pain. Airbags located in the hip and waist area inflate for compression massage and help align the lower back and pelvis area.

Body scanning

It comes with the feature of computerized body scanning and detects the full body’s size to adjust the size of the chair accordingly for ensuring a smooth custom fit massage. It automatically measures the length of the spine to detect where to massage, and the built-in 11 signals t-sets and holt sensor help in the detection of the user’s height and weight.

Diverse functions

It comes with various functions that include 7 massage modes, i.e., kneading, air pressure, combo, shiatsu, stretching, and tapping. It also comes with 9 different types of preset auto massage programs for stretching the full body. However, you can also choose manual settings according to your need. It comes with blue-tooth speakers to help you enjoy music while taking a massage.


It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, in case you don’t like it.


  • Different massage points
  • Highly adjustable
  • Body scanning technology
  • Airbags and heat therapy.


  • The highest settings of the chairs are too strong for the muscles.

Why should you buy this?

It is highly adjustable with multiple massage positions and different airbags to assist in your body massage journey.

3. Ugears OWAYS SL track massage chair

Best Massage Chair For Tall Person - Ugears OWAYS SL track massage chair

It comes with a 130 cm long SL track, which covers the body from head to buttocks. Its movements push, press, and knock the body and knock to help the body relax.

Auto-detection of body

To meet different massage point requirements for proper massage, it adjusts the massage e chair by adjusting it according to the automatically detected body height and weight.

Thai Lacing

It is a Thai stretching massage with a large and wide lacing range to provide relaxation to the whole body during the massage period of 15 minutes.

Body massage

The massage chair comes with 32 airbags, covering all the massage points and providing deep massage to your neck, shoulder, back, hip, waist, legs, and feet. At the waist. It comes heat function along with the airbags massage.

Robot hands

It comes with 3D robot hands stimulated from the human massage technique and provides the realistic feeling to massage on different parts of the body.

Zero gravity

It comes with three stages of zero gravity. These stages are initial, comfortable, and deep. Zero gravity position ensures the best massage position.

Space-saving design

It has a space-saving design that allows only 2 inches between the wall and the massage chair.

Heat therapy

It comes with built-in heaters at the waist to help increase the circulation of blood and improve metabolism. It also enhances the overall comfort of the body.

Feet massage

The feet area comes with airbags that provide squeezing massage. The rollers that provide scrapping massage improve the metabolism of the body and circulation of blood and enhance the fatigue of your feet.


It comes with a built-in Bluetooth connection on both sides. You can enjoy music while having a massage. The Bluetooth is not compatible with iPhone 12.


  • Heat therapy
  • SL track
  • Space-saving
  • Quiet chair


  • Instructions are not very clear

Why should you buy this?

Due to its SL tracks and 32 airbags combined with heat therapy at the waist, it is really a good option to choose body massage.

4. Shiatsu full body massage chair

Best Massage Chair For Tall Person - Shiatsu full body massage chair

It comes with the longest and ideal SL track in the industry to provide you with the best massage experience of the full body.

Zero gravity

It features 3 different zero gravity positions for a deep and proper massage.

Massage programs

It comes with a variety of 10 different massage programs, including full body massage and full body stretch, etc. It also comes with 6 other massage techniques, making it the best massage chair so far in the market.

3D massage

It comes with 3D massage technology that automatically detects the user’s height and weight to adjust the massage points accordingly and ensure that they experience the best massage.

Head cushion

It comes with dual-layered head cushions that provide ultimate support and comfort to the neck and head region.


Its design is space-saving and only needs a few inches from the wall to fully recline.

Foot massage

Shiatsu full body massage chair comes with electric rollers in the foot area to provide massage to your tired feet. It comes with an elongation period of almost 5 inches for tall users. It features calf acupressure to provide relief to your legs. Moreover, the built-in feature of massage therapy helps relax the muscles of the back.

Air Acupressure massage

It features multi-chambered airbags to provide durability with noise reduction features and provides effective massage with many built-in dual massage zone airbags.


  • Head support
  • Space-saving
  • Noise reduction feature
  • SL track
  • Versatile programs


  • Some users have a complaint of a problem with its contact mechanism.

Why should you buy this?

Its amazing massage techniques and versatile programs, space-saving feature, head cushion for support are some features that make it a favorite choice for the users.

5. Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300

Best Massage Chair For Tall Person - Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 comes in a design that provides the best massage to your body. It is space-saving and hence requires only 3 inches from the wall. It is designed to fit anywhere and align with your furniture. Also features a zero-gravity position to allow you perfectly enjoy the massage.

6 Wheel Rollers

It has an extended SL track that starts from the back of the neck and extends to the end of the spine in the buttock area. It has 6 wheel roller system with two additional rollers for precise massage.

Sitting Accommodation

It comes with a wide and tall seat to accommodate a tall person. Although it is specifically designed for bigger builds, it can still adjust the average body size without unrest.

Massage programs

It comes with 9 massage programs, with 5 standard auto programs and 4 special customizable programs. SM-7300 allows you to enjoy different kinds of massage programs by targeting other areas.

Heating therapy

It is also assisted with heating therapy to improve blood circulation and provide a smooth massage.

Massage control time

The massage control time for the kahuna superior massage chair is 30 minutes.

Automated relaxation program

An automated relaxing program is one of the preset programs that work with knocking, shiatsu, kneading, tapping to ensure the smooth massage of the full body.

Automated athlete program

This mode is designed for those who do extreme workouts and other physical activities. This helps the athletes to take a relaxing massage after an intense, strenuous, and tiring exercise.

Remote control

SM 7300 features a remote control that improves the user experience by making the massage chair easy to use by speeding up access to the desired massage programs.


It comes with a warranty of 2 years both on parts and labor


  • Multiple auto programs
  • Multiple massage techniques
  • Expensive therapeutic value
  • Relieves chronic pain


  • No 3D massaging
  • No rollers

Why should you buy this?

Its automated athlete program and automated relaxation program make it a good choice. Especially if you are involved in a hectic workout, you should go for this.

6. KTN N802 Zero gravity massage chair

Best Massage Chair For Tall Person - KTN N802 Zero gravity massage chair

KTN N802 comes with zero gravity features and decreases the weight load on your spine, lowers your blood pressure, and stimulates blood circulation to extremities to ensure the effectiveness of your massage.

Airbag massage

It features 32 airbags placed at shoulders, neck, waist, hip, legs to provide you with a smooth massage along with the foot rollers and 8 massage rollers at the backrest.

Compression massage

Foot rollers and airbags along the legs inflate to provide compression massage.


To improve the circulation in the groin, smooth vibrations detoxify and relax the surface tissues.

Real hand massage feel

 It features massage hands that give the gentle feel of real hands by imitating therapists’ kneading method.

Heat therapy

It features a carbon fiber heating system in the backrest unit, which emits heat to alleviate pain and promote metabolism.

Adjustable strength

The air cells come with 3 different levels of strength, speed, and intensity adjustment.


  • 32 airbags
  • Foot rollers
  • Zero gravity
  • Vibration
  • Heat therapy


  • A bit underpowered heating mode.

Why should you buy this?

If you are looking for an affordable massage chair that must provide you with a relaxing feeling, then this is the one to go for.

7. Mcombo Recliner Massage Chair – Budget Pick

Best Massage Chair For Tall Person - Mcombo recliner massage chair

Smooth adjustment

It features a counter-balanced mechanism that lifts the entire chair through the motor to allow the seniors to stand up without putting extra stress on the knees and back area. With the help of only two buttons, it can be brought to a reclined position.

Multiple vibrating points

It comes with 8 different vibrating points assisted with 1 heating point in the lumber region, 9 modes, and 5 intensities. These can be turned off within a time period of 10 mins, 20 mins or 30 mins.

Backrest and seat

It is specially designed for tall people and has the backrest extended to almost 31” and the depth of the seat is up to 22.8”. The padded headrest is also heightened to ensure comfort.


This massage chair for tall people comes with dual USB charging ports to allow you to charge your devices. It also has two holders to help you enjoy your favorite drink during the massage. It also has side pockets to keep your little things within.


  • TUV actuator
  • Easy assembly
  • Very comfortable
  • Set of handy features


  • The seat could be a little wider.
  • The padding is a little stiffer.

Why should you buy this?

If you are looking for an extremely comfortable chair, you must not miss a chance to buy this.

Buying guide

Few things should be considered before purchasing any massage chair. These three things are

  • Size
  • Massage quality
  • Price

Let’s dig into the detail of each

Size of massage chair

Normally massage chairs are built for people with a height of fewer than 6 feet. However, while purchasing any massage chair, you need to make sure that these chairs accommodate tall people equally well and comfortably.

Massage quality

Several factors determine the massage quality

1. Heat therapy

You should consider some massage chairs with the ability to provide heat therapy through lower back heat functions. This is especially important for people with back pain. This facilitates blood flow and relaxes the body.

2. Deep tissue massage

This massage helps in releasing tension and also relieves sciatic pain.

3. Multiple massage program

Your massage chair should support multiple massage programs to target the problem area in a more specific way. The massage chair should support air massage, massage roller, body scan technology, calf massage, and foot rollers.


One thing to keep in mind is your budget. But the massage chair provides you maximum benefit within your budget.

Final verdict

This article has covered the best massage chairs for tall people. After reading their features, you must be able to decide what you should buy for yourself according to your need. So, which of the massage chair are you buying for yourself?

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