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Kahuna SM9000 Massage Chair Full Review – A Thorough Explanation

Kahuna SM900 Full Review

Kahuna is improving the quality of their massage chair model by model.  You may hear about the high-quality Kahuna massage chair SM9000. Kahuna is one of the most reliable and popular brands in the world.

If you are suffering from leg or back pain then you should have a look at Kahuna massage chair SM9000. It will give an excellent massage that will relax and boost your mood.

In this article, we are going to write a comprehensive review on kahuna massage chair SM9000. We will not only talk about it benefits and impressive features of this massage chair. We will let you know about its drawbacks as well.

Are you curious to know about the kahuna massage chair SM9000?

Then let’s get started…

About Kahuna

About Kahuna SM9000

The kahuna is one of the top leading brands of massage chairs in the world. It is a California-based company. The kahuna offers a variety of massage chairs for all kinds of uses. It features some affordable and some premium massage chairs as well.

The kahuna SM9000 is one of its premium massage chairs with excellent features and specifications. Not only high-quality massage chairs, but kahuna is also well-known for its after-sales service.

Unlike other brands, you do not need to install the massage chair by yourself. Kahuna will handle everything about installation for you. Overall, the kahuna is one of the reliable massage chairs brands that provides excellent customer service.

The affordable massage chairs of kahuna also come with great features and specifications. The kahuna provides affordable options without compromising the quality and features. Let’s have a look at the features of the kahuna SM9000 massage chair.

Kahuna SM9000: Zero Gravity Feature

Kahuna SM9000 Zero Gravity Feature

Are you suffering from lower back and leg pain? Well, zero gravity is designed for you. The zero-gravity feature of this massage chair will make you feel weightless while having the massage.

Its back rollers will make your zero gravity massage more comfortable and relaxing. With advanced space-saving technology, the massage chair only requires three inches from the wall. There is only one issue with its zero-gravity features.

Many popular massage chairs on the market offer multiple positions for zero gravity features. Unfortunately, the kahuna SM9000 massage chair offers only one position. According to its price and brand name, it should offer three zero gravity positions.

Kahuna SM9000: Massage Programs

Kahuna SM 9000 Massage Programs

Let’s talk about the programs of SM9000 massage chair. The Kahuna SM9000 massage comes with seven signature massage programs. These seven programs include renew, relief, recovery, yoga, music sync, stretching, and calming.

• Renew

The renew is an eight-minute massage program. It will provide you a full-body awaking massage. If you want a quick and full-body massage then you must try the renewed program. In this program, you will also get the benefits of relief and stretching massage programs in eight minutes.

• Relief

The relief is a 20 minutes pre-programmed massage of kahuna SM9000. It will reduce muscle tension and stiffness. The relief is the best massage program if you are suffering from any type of muscle pain. It uses multi-technique massages to soothe and relax your muscles.

• Recovery

This is a 10 minutes massage program for recovery of the muscle. It will massage your body with shiatsu kneading and knocking techniques. The recovery massage program is also helpful if you are suffering from any type of muscle pain. The recovery massage program will help your muscles to recover quickly.

• Yoga

Yoga is now becoming much popular. If you want to improve flexibility and posture then this yoga massage program is going to help you a lot.

The yoga massage program will improve better blood circulation and protect your spine by using multiple massage techniques. It is nearly the same as a stretching massage program but with greater strength.

• Music Sync

Many people like to hear music while having a gentle massage. The Kahuna SM9000 features a music sync massage program only for those people. It is also a 10-minute massage program.

The music sync program allows you to select some of your favorite songs as well. With the music sync massage program, you will get a sensational massage while enjoying your favorite music.

• Stretching

Well, stretching is the best massage program to have after a long hectic day. This ten minutes stretching program will eliminate toxins and waste products from your body. The stretching massage will make you feel light and relaxed by relieving stress.

• Calming

If you are having sleeping issues then the calming massage program is best. It will help you to improve sleep quality with a gentle roller massage. In this calming massage, the chair will go up and down repeatedly to give a pleasant feeling with a soft massage.

Kahuna SM9000: Massage Techniques

The kahuna SM9000 features five different massage techniques. The five massage techniques include kneading, tapping, knocking, kneading & tapping, and finger kneading. It provides advantages of the firm and strong massages.

The kahuna SM9000 massage chair comes with six infrared heating rollers mechanisms. It will promote better blood circulation from the neck to the lower back. The kneading massage technique will relieve tension in your body.

Kahuna SM 9000 Massage Techniques

According to, kneading massage manipulates muscle fibers and increases muscle flexibility. The kneading massage also helps to decrease muscle pain.

Its tapping massage helps you to relieve stress and anxiety. You can try the kneading and tapping massage technique to improve flexibility and relieve stress. Knocking is an all-in-one massage technique.

It decreases muscle tension, muscle pain, and stress. The knocking massage also helps to increase muscle flexibility. Its finger kneading massage techniques are nearly the same as the kneading massage technique.

The kahuna massage SM9000 chair will perform all these techniques by using six rollers system, air float 3D technology, and infrared heating. You can also adjust the intensity of the massage according to your comfort.

Kahuna SM9000: Body Stretch Massage

The body stretch massage is for people who are suffering from chronic back pain. It is one of the highly-rated massage functions by users. The body stretch massage is also known as yoga stretch massage.

It will also help you to improve your flexibility and range of motion by stretching your muscles. The yoga stretching feature is available in many massage chairs. If you purchase kahuna SM9000 then we highly recommend you to try this massage once. It will eliminate any type of back pain and make you feel less tired.

Kahuna SM9000: Music Sync Program

Music Sync Program

The music sync program is one of the advanced functions of this kahuna massage chair. The Kahuna SM9000 features built-in Bluetooth speakers that allow you to hear music while having a massage. You can use the ‘music sync’ massage program to enjoy your favorite music while relaxing.

Kahuna SM9000: Six Roller System with Infrared Heating

Six Roller System with Infrared Heating

Most massage chairs come with four rollers but the Kahuna SM9000 is an advanced massage chair. It features a six roller massage system. However, it is not the first massage chair with six rollers.

But, the kahuna massage chair SM9000 comes with infrared heating rollers. The infrared heating rollers are available only in some massage chairs. The kahuna SM9000 massage chair comes with an L-track massage system.

With the L-track system, the rollers will massage your thighs because the L-track rollers go under the seat. It will give you a soothing and stimulating massage experience.

Kahuna SM9000: Additional Features

Additional Features

Rather than infrared heating rollers and seven massage programs, the Kahuna SM9000 also features some additional features. The kahuna massage chair SM9000 features air massage as well.

There are around 32 to 36 airbags in this kahuna massage chair. You can also select a specific area where you want air massage with the remote controller. The kahuna massage chair SM 9000 also allows you to set the intensity of air massage according to your comfort.

The foot and calf massage 9000 are also the best features of the kahuna massage chair SM9000. It will massage your foot and calf in different ways. The kahuna massage chair will use a combination of rollers and airbags for foot massage. There is a series of airbags in kahuna SM 9000 to massage your calf.

The kahuna massage chair SM9000 also offers three-foot massage options rolling, scraping, and kneading. It minimizes foot and ankle injuries. You can choose one of these by using the remote controller. Its remote controller is also easy to use and understand.

The kahuna massage chair also has acupressure points on the arm massage area. There are lots of benefits of massing acupressure points. It will help you to get rid of insomnia and headache. It may release tension and improve your blood flow.

Moreover, the kahuna massage chair SM9000 features multi-LED light colors on both sides. It provides a soothing environment even in low-light areas. There are exchangeable coverings for the leg and foot.

The exchangeable coverings allow you to keep the massage chair neat and clean. Once the covering gets dirty or worn, you can change it or clean it. It is also easy to remove the coverings because of the zippers.

Kahuna Massage Chair SM9000: Pros & Cons


  • Comes with six infrared heating rollers which are available only in a few massage chairs
  • Three options for foot massage rolling, scraping and kneading
  • All five massage techniques and seven pre-programmed massage
  • Features acupressure pads for arms and hands
  • Auto zero gravity feature with space-saving technology
  • Features smart scanning technology as well to personalize massage for specific parts of shiatsu
  • Leg rest extension and retraction
  • It has an air float 3D mechanism engineered by air pressure
  • Full body air massage with 32 to 36 airbags
  • Easy operating remote controller
  • The music sync program allows you to hear music while having a massage


  • Only one position for zero gravity massage
  • The time of pre-programmed massage cannot be changed
  • You cannot change the temperature of heating elements
  • The depth and pressure of rollers are not adjustable
  • No calf roller

Kahuna Massage Chair SM9000: Price and Warranty

When it comes to price the Kahuna SM9000 is much cheaper than other massage chairs available on amazon. It offers high-quality and premium features at a decent price range. The SM9000 will cost you around $8500 on Amazon and other online platforms.

The kahuna gives full five years warranty on the SM9000 massage chair. This five-year warranty covers all parts and labor costs. However, the warranty does not include shipping issues. The kahuna offers the best after-sales services to their customer. Therefore, the kahuna is certified by the better business bureau.

Kahuna Massage Chair SM9000: User’s Critic

The users are much happy with the kahuna SM9000 massage chair. However, some people have issues with this massage chair. A few people say that the power cable is too short and pressure control is poor.

But, there are too many positive reviews for this massage chair SM9000. Its Bluetooth and heating features are best according to a user. According to a review, your neck and shoulder pain will go away only after a few uses.

There are a few users who love the foot massage of the SM9000 massage chair. Some people feel like getting a professional massage from a person. If you have body aches then this is one of the best massage chairs for you.

The Kahuna massage chair SM9000 is the best choice to get rid of muscle soreness, body aches, and chronic back pain. It is also easy to control with its remote controller. The users are also happy with the five-year full warranty on the massage chair.

Kahuna SM9000 Massage Chair: Specification

Weight246.92 lbs
Dimension51 x 29 x 49 inches
Voltage110 to 120 V
Power Consumption230W MAX
ColorBlack and Brown

Kahuna SM9000 Massage Chair: Final Verdict

Many of us may be worried about the size. But, the kahuna massage chair SM9000 comes with a bigger and wider sitting area than the standard massage chairs. The kahuna SM9000 is comfortable for people with a 6.5 ft height and 320 lbs weight.

Because of its large size, it accommodates a variety of body types. There are many benefits of having a massage regularly with a kahuna SM9000 chair. It comes with 32 to 36 airbags located on the shoulders, arms, lower back, side of seats, and feet.

The airbag inflates and deflates to stretch the body while releasing and squeezing tensed muscles. Well, the kahuna SM9000 massage chair offers different features for different needs of users.

With the remote controller, you can fully customize the massage according to your needs. However, you cannot change or control intense settings in a manual program. Overall, the Kahuna SM9000 can be the best option for everyone.

It also has built-in speakers that allow you to enjoy music with a gentle massage. If we talk about its competitors then you have to spend more bucks to get these types of features. The kahuna massage chair SM9000 is best for price-point as well. So that’s it for now. See you in the next post…

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