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Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair Review [2022] – The Ultimate Guide


If you are suffering from chronic back pain then you must have a look at the Daiwa massage chair. Especially the Daiwa legacy massage chair will be the perfect choice for you. The Daiwa legacy massage chair is popular as the best therapeutic massage chair.

It comes with some powerful features that can help you to stay relaxed. The Daiwa legacy massage chair comes in three different colors black, beige, and brown. It comes with a wide range of features, but there are some limitations to this massage chair as well.

In this post, we will give you a detailed review of the Daiwa legacy massage chair. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this Daiwa massage chair. So let’s begin…

• Daiwa Massage Chair: Zero-Gravity Feature

Daiwa Massage Chair: Zero-Gravity Feature

The Daiwa legacy massage chair comes with a single zero-gravity position. In this position, your legs and knees will be higher than your heart. The zero gravity position allows you to get a deeper back massage by allowing most of your body weight to press against rollers.

This is a very helpful feature to get rid of chronic back pain. However, we are also disappointed because of the single seating position. According to its price, it should have at least two seating positions. A high-quality and premium massage chair comes with three seating zero-gravity positions.

• Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair: LS-track Quad Rollers

Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair: LS-track Quad Rollers

When it comes to back massage, rollers and tracks are necessary features to consider about. The legacy massage chair comes with LS-track quad rollers. With this L-shaped massage track, it will massage from your neck to your glutes and back of your thighs.

Because of the quad rollers, the massage chair will make you feel like a human hand massage. The Daiwa massage chair has the longest 49 inches L-tracks. It will massage your back with a wide range of therapeutic massage actions and different massage techniques.

The LS-track quad rollers will also help you to relieve muscle aches and pain in your hamstring area. The most massage chair comes with this new LS-track technology to provide you a complete back massage. It also enhances the core massage experience.

• Daiwa Massage Chair: 3D Body Scanning

Daiwa Massage Chair: 3D Body Scanning

The legacy massage chair features 3D body scanning technology. This is also a necessary function of massage roller function. The 3D body scanning system will measure the size and shape of your body.

It will measure your body every time you start the massage program. The massage chair will use these measurements to adjust the massage rollers throughout the massage program. It ensures that the rollers touch the correct part of the body for the most beneficial massage actions.

Sometimes this 3D body scanning system can fail to measure your body shape and size. In this situation, you can also make manual adjustments to rollers by using the remote controller.

This will also ensure that the rollers will hit the specific part of your back where you want to massage. It is also a common feature in the high-quality massage chair.

• Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair: Body Stretch Feature

Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair: Body Stretch Feature

The body stretch feature is also a powerful feature to eliminate chronic back pain. It will provide you immediate pain relief. The body stretch feature is the quiet instance in this massage chair.

Its intensity can be high for many people. But, it will not feel too intense if you start the massage with heat. It will loosen your back muscles. Therefore, you should prefer to have heat therapy before using the body stretch feature.

• Daiwa Massage Chair: Heating Function

Daiwa Massage Chair: Heating Function

Most of the massage chair comes with either body stretch feature or heating function. But, the Daiwa massage chair comes with both body stretch and heating function. With both features, it will provide you excellent massage experience.

Also, most of the massage chair offers heating function but only for lumber area. But, this legacy massage chair is different from others. It comes with a heating function on the entire massage track.

The massage chair will provide heat from your shoulders to the back of your hamstrings. This heating function will help to loosen back muscles and give a relaxing massage experience. The heating function makes the Daiwa massage chair unique.

• Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair: Foot and Calf Massage

The Daiwa massage chair also offers foot and calf massage functions. Many massage chair offers dual roller foot massage system. However, the legacy massage chair tri-rollers massage system in each foot.

Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair: Foot and Calf Massage

Along with the tri-rollers, it also combines airbag massage for better foot massage. There are also ankle grips and foot pads for foot massage. The ankle grips are to ensure that your feet stay in place and maintain contact between feet and rollers.

The airbag applies extra downward pressure to the foot and makes roller massage more intense. However, this foot and calf massage may feel too intense for some people. Therefore, the Daiwa massage chair comes with footpads. You can place the footpads if you feel the foot massage is too intense. The footpads will reduce the intensity of the foot rollers.

• Daiwa Massage Chair: Extendable Leg Rest

Daiwa Massage Chair: Extendable Leg Rest

The massage chair also features extendable leg rest. It allows users of all heights to use this premium massage chair. You can extend the leg rest up to 5.5 inches according to your comfort.

The extendable leg rest makes the massage chair comfortable for users up to 6.4” inches in height. You can extend the leg rest by pressing the feet into the footwells. Unfortunately, the massage chair does not feature automatic leg rest extensions.

• Rocking Rotation Technology

Rocking Rotation Technology

The rocking rotation technology is also a unique and rare feature in massage chairs. It is available in only a few massage chairs on the market. The rotation technology is similar to the zero gravity positions.

It will make you feel weightless with the shiatsu massage technique. The rocking rotation technology will give you a new level of relaxation and comfort. As it is a rare massaging feature we cannot say much more about the benefits of this technology. You should try this feature if you purchase the Daiwa massage chair.

• Bluetooth Music System

Bluetooth Music System

To provide you a higher level of massage experience, the massage chair comes with a Bluetooth music system. There are premium and compact size speakers on the headrest of the chair to provide the best sound experience.

You can connect your Bluetooth device or smartphone to the chair. The massage chair is compatible with both android and iPhone. After connecting, you can hear your favorite music through high-quality speakers on the massage chair. The massage chair also allows you to connect your MP3 player wirelessly.

• Daiwa Massage Chair: Massage Techniques

The Daiwa massage chair offers five different massage techniques. These massage techniques are kneading, shiatsu, tapping, music sync, and knocking. You can choose any of these massage techniques according to your comfort.

To choose the massage techniques, select the menu button from the remote then select “manual”. You will see a list of options, select “mode” from the list and then choose the massage techniques from the sub-menu.

Once you select the massage technique, the massage chair will start massaging. You can also customize the action of rollers before the massage starts. Its music sync massage technique might excite you.

• Pre-programmed Massage Options

Like an average massage chair, the Daiwa offers six pre-programmed massage options for different needs.

The pre-programmed massages are:

  • Upper body massage                                
  • Lower body massage
  • Recovery
  • Relax
  • Refresh
  • Extend

All massage programs use a combination of roller massage and air massage. You can enjoy these pre-programmed massages for ten minutes, twenty minutes, and thirty minutes. You can select one of these massage programs by using the remote controller.

To choose the pre-programmed massage, select the “auto” button from the remote. You will see a menu of auto programs. You can choose your favorite massage from that menu. Once you select the program, the massage chair will run the body scan function and start the program for 20 minutes.

The default duration of all massage programs is 20 minutes. However, you can change the default duration time from the settings menu. The Daiwa massage chair also offers deep tissue massage. If you think the massage is not too strong, then you can remove the extra pads in the seat. You can also adjust the roller speed from five different levels.           The massage chair also allows you to change the speed of rollers. You can change these settings via a remote controller.

• Airbag Massage Mode

Airbag Massage Mode

The Daiwa legacy massage chair comes with a full-body airbag massage system. There are 48 airbags in the massage chair. It allows you to have a full-body airbag compression massage.

The airbags are adjustable up to three different intensity levels. You can set the intensity by using the remote. You can also choose the part of the body where you want airbag massage. There are three parts you can choose from buttocks, legs & feet, and arms & shoulders. If you want to enjoy full-body airbag massage then you can activate all airbags throughout the chair. The 48 airbags are located on the upper backrest, armrests, middle backrest, calf, and foot area.

• Well-design Handheld Remote

Well-design Handheld Remote

The massage chair comes with a handheld remote controller. It is a well-designed remote and every feature is easy to find. This is an LCD screen remote controller that allows you to adjust massage programs and other settings.

Once you select any massage program, the LCD screen will display a body diagram and show the massage location on the body. The LCD screen will also show you airbag intensity level, roller speed, and width. This makes the remote easy to use and user-friendly.

• Daiwa Massage Chair Pros and Cons


  • High-quality and extreme comfort
  • Best to get rid of chronic back pain
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Solid design
  • Loose tighten muscles
  • Customization options
  • Easy to use


  • No temperature control
  • Only one zero-gravity feature
  • Price is a bit higher

Final Verdict

We highly recommend the Daiwa legacy massage chair to people who are suffering from chronic back pain. There are no negative reviews on amazon for this massage chair. It shows the quality of this massage chair.

The Daiwa also provides three-year parts and a one-year labor warranty. You can also purchase an extended warranty. Make sure to order for an extended warranty within 30 days after purchase. But, you do not need to purchase an extended warranty.

Because the company is offering you an extra warranty, it shows their confidence in their product. It is a perfect massage chair for the user with up to 6’4” inch height and 265lbs weight. Make sure to remove the optional padding for deep tissue massage.

One more unique thing is its airbag can be taken off. You can also clean airbags in the washing machine. Also, you do not need to worry about the setup and installation. Someone from Daiwa come and set up the massage chair at the delivery time.

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