Can You Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?

can you use a massage chair while pregnant

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to use a massage chair, or will using massage hurt the baby inside the belly? These are the questions that arise in the mind of almost every pregnant woman who is a frequent user of the massage chair. This article will try to find out the most logical and suitable answers to all such questions by analyzing the particular specifications and features involved in the massage chairs.

There is no doubt that massage chairs have brought a tremendous amount of relaxation and ease to our lives. One could not simply underestimate the benefits of massage chairs. In simple words, massage chairs have raised the bar so high that right now, in the market, there is not as soothing as a massage chair. Their universality is unquestioned because it can be used by an adult and an older as well.

How does a Massage Chair work?

The massage chairs use different massage therapies and produce an effective massage as motor-induced mechanical movements generate vibrations to press the body. The main objective of a massage chair is to stimulate the movements and techniques used in a robotic massage. Such therapies or techniques are Shiatsu or Swedish massages. Thus, the nodes and rollers play an effective role, thus reducing the stress from the targeted body parts.

Pregnancy and Massage

For a woman, one of the most exciting spells of life is pregnancy. To be pregnant is to takes a massive toll on a woman’s body. Self-care during pregnancy is one of the primary things that a woman should do. Pregnancy requires extreme care, relaxation, and ease. Stress and tensions could affect the health of a pregnant woman. It is evident that nowadays, there is a no better option to get relaxed with a convenient massage chair. That’s why it becomes essential to discuss whether it either is safe for a pregnant woman to use a massage chair or not?

The Safety of a Massage Chair in Pregnancy


There are many misconceptions and myths regarding the use of massage chairs during pregnancy. But, in reality, the manufacturers have taken a few steps and have increased the efficiency and safety of the massage chairs so that they indeed become harmless for pregnant women. With modified specifications of specific pressure points, weightless position (zero-gravity), and heating pads, it has become safer for pregnant women to enjoy the features and get themselves relaxed.

1.    Pressure Points

Pressure points can persuade labor in pregnant women. It is quite useful for those pregnant women whose delivery dates are drawing near. However, women in the early stages, i.e., the first trimester of their pregnancy, should avoid these pressure points. It is because there is a slightly higher risk of miscarriage.

2.    Zero-Gravity Recliners

The most exciting feature for every user of a massage chair is its position of weightlessness. It is generally known as a zero-gravity position. It is a body posture in which your legs are raised in alignment with your head. Thus, a zero-gravity massage chair helps one reduce the pressure of gravity on your body and increase the rate of blood circulation throughout the body. This improved circulation is beneficial for a pregnant woman as it allows her a better respiratory system.

3.    Heating Pads

Similar to pressure points, heating pads or heated massage is also not appropriate for pregnant women. Why? Because a continued experience of high temperature will cause hyperthermia (a form of increased body temperature). It tends to affect the growth and development of the baby in a pregnant woman’s womb. In the early pregnancy weeks, it is better not to use heating pads.

However, it is notable that heating pads, at a normal temperature, are capable of providing a soothing massage and magical experience.

Why Should Pregnant Women Use a Massage Chair?

Why Should Pregnant Women Use a Massage Chair?

While using a massage chair, the relaxing and soothing impression that one gets is simply phenomenal. For pregnant women, a massage chair could be very beneficial and lower the stress of their labor. Furthermore, it is necessary to mention here that a massage chair is somehow a better option than a pregnancy massage. In the massage chair, you could control the intensity of the pressure nodes and rollers for your back pain, according to your need. While, in pregnancy massage, the person giving a massage sometimes could not maintain the fingers’ intensity as same as a machine.

Benefits of Using a Massage Chair During Pregnancy


As we have discussed the relation between pregnancy and massage chairs in detail, it’s time to shed some light upon the benefits that pregnant women would achieve by using a massage chair. Below are given the services for which it becomes helpful to get massage therapy by a convenient massage chair.

1.    Massage Chair Reduces the Pregnancy Stress

Massage Chair Reduces the Pregnancy Stress (2)

It is stressful to be pregnant. When a woman becomes pregnant, she undergoes great challenges, stress, and change. From the hormone level to the body, significant changes occur. Thus, it becomes essential for a woman to learn how she can keep herself and her baby healthy.

A massage chair, no doubt, provides such an atmosphere that enables one to tackle the extreme stress levels during pregnancy. It helps a pregnant woman to lift her mood and relax her body. Additionally, the zero-gravity feature of the massage chair is precious for reducing back pain. It not only lowers the pressure but also improves blood circulation. It is one of the vital causes that why a massage chair can be used while pregnant.

2.    Massage Chair Improves Blood Circulation

There can be no more solid reason than blood circulation. Because, during pregnancy, women face swelling in legs and feet. This becomes very uncomfortable, painful, and stressful for them to walk and carry out their daily dealings. A massage chair with its zero-gravity reclining technique improves the blood circulatory system of the body. By improved blood circulation, essential nutrients and oxygen is supplied to the whole body effectively, and especially to the baby.

Moreover, by using a zero-gravity massage chair, the blood pressure problem also resolves. High blood pressure is not only dangerous for a pregnant woman but also the development of the baby in the womb. It could lead to serious medical problems. A massage chair lowers high blood pressure by increasing blood circulation.

3.    It Lessens the Back Pain

It Lessens the Back Pain

Experiencing back pain and significantly lower back pain is a common thing that occurs during pregnancy, as most women experience it. It happens because in pregnancy, weight increases with the upcoming pregnancy weeks. The increased weight causes a shift in the center of gravity and initiates pain in the lower back of a pregnant woman.

A massage chair lessens the lower back pain by distributing the bodyweight evenly. It allows body muscles to relax and release as much stress as possible.

Precautions before Using a Massage Chair While Pregnant

Precautions before Using a Massage Chair While Pregnant

As we have seen that there are numerous benefits of using a massage chair while pregnant, it is also better to acknowledge the precautions to avoid any adverse consequences. Things to remember before getting into a massage chair are given below.

  • In the early pregnancy weeks, especially in the first trimester, it is recommended not to use a massage chair as there are high chances of miscarriage.
  • In the middle or last weeks of pregnancy, do not try to squeeze yourself into the massage chair if you are not getting into it quickly.
  • No matter how soothing or relaxing is the massage, set the time limit for it. A massage therapy session should not extend more than fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • If you are not feeling well or experiencing health concerns such as headache or swelling, then you should not use the massage chair.
  • If your physician advises you to stop taking massage sessions for your health or the baby’s development, then it’s unsafe to use a massage chair.

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