How to Reset Massage Chair? – Here’s the Answer [2022]

How to Reset a Massage Chair

After a hectic working day, you want a gentle massage to relax your body. According to some studies, a massage chair improves blood circulation, immunity, and muscle tension. There are many other benefits of a massage chair.

Some people think that massage chairs are only luxury furniture. It is very healthy to have a full-body massage every day with a massage chair. The massage chair is also helpful to get rid of the upper back and lower back issues.

However, a massage chair is a costly piece of furniture. It will require lots of maintenance as well. But, in our busy lives, who likes to have a massage in a massage parlor? It’s better to have a massage chair in your home.

You must be thinking that what I should do to maintain a massage chair. Well, a massage chair requires regular cleaning, polishing, and resetting as well. How to reset a massage chair?

Let’s find out the answer…

How to Reset a Massage Chair?

How to Reset a Massage Chair

You do not need to spend extra money on expert help. With a few basics, you can easily reset your full-body massage chair. Usually, a massage chair comes with a remote to set programs. You know massage chair comes with many programs.

There are many benefits of these massage programs. But, if you don’t care about your chair properly then it will not work for a long-time. To reset the massage chair, start assembling the massage chair and set a particular program by remote.

Once you press on/off button on the remote, the pre-set program will be active. If you press that button two times, your massage chair will delete previous records. Now your massage chair is reset.

There should be a stop button on the remote of the massage chair. The stop button works like a safety button. If your massage chair is working improperly, then turn off the chair by pressing the stop button.

How to Reset a Massage chair to Factory Settings?

In the case of factory setting, you first need to turn off the massage chair. Also, make sure that no one is sitting on the massage chair. Now turn on the power and kneading button at the same time on the remote.

Hold the kneading button for 5 to 10 seconds. You will see some error signs on the top of the remote screen. The massage chair will vibrate a little. You do not worry if your massage chair vibrates too much. It’s a diagnostic system of the massage chair.

This diagnosis system will remove the history of previous massage sessions. After this process, your massage chair will get back to the factory settings. The diagnosis system will help you to avoid additional issues.

There may be a different way for factory settings according to the brand of your massage chair. You can reset some massage chairs to the factory setting by turning off the switch.

Some Massage Chair Problems You Should Know

How to Reset a Massage Chair

Are you having problems with your massage chair? Okay, wait. If you are facing one of these problems listed below then you can solve them by yourself. You do not need any experts to fix these issues.

Here we are going to mention some massage chair issues. We will also mention the solution to those problems.

Problems with the Massage Chair

  • You may face temperature issues with the massage chair
  • Sometimes your remote control does not work or your massage chair does not respond to remote or mobile app
  • The auto timer massage chair sometimes do not work
  • It can produce noise if you do not maintain it properly
  • The wiring of the massage chair can get overheated

All these common issues can be solved by resetting the massage chair. But, if you cannot solve these issues with resetting, then consider about following points.

How to repair a Massage Chair?

If your massage chair is not working, then these points can be a reason. Continue use of a damaged massage chair is harmful. Stop using an improper massage chair, and consider about following things.

Check the power cord

The first thing you should check is the power cord. Check that the power cord is properly connected to the plug and the chair. There should not be any kinks, cuts, or other types of damage to the cord. If everything is okay, then unplug it and plug it back in. 

Consider about fuse

All massage chairs come with a fuse to prevent overheating or damage to the massage chair if anything wrong happens. Your massage chair will not work if these fuses are burnt or broken. You need to replace those fuses to repair your massage chair.

If you cannot find the fuses then read the user manual. A burnt fuse will look like metal inside. Replacing the fuse is also simple. 

Check remote controller

If your massage chair is not responding then there may be an issue with the remote. First, unplug the remote from the chair to reset the chair. If the lights on the remote stop working then you need to purchase a new remote.

Check internal wires

Sometimes a few parts of the massage chair stops working like a back massager, heat, vibration, etc. If you are facing this issue then you should check internal wires. First, turn off the chair and unplug it.

Then open the back and check all wires are connectors. If there are any loose or damaged wires then you have to replace them. You should have a look at the user manual to replace wires or contact a massage chair expert.

Consider about massage mechanism

If your massage chair makes irritating noise, then you should check the massage mechanism or motor. Like fuses, the motors can also be burnt. Sometimes you can hear that the motor is working, but nothing happens with the massage chair.

It means that gears or belts are broken or stripped. You have to replace these parts to solve the issue. You can contact to manufacturer and order replacement parts. Avoid using parts that are available in the market. 

Check the airbag

Sometimes airbags stop working because of motor burnt or connection for the air pump. First, check the connection for the air pump. If the connections are okay, then the issue is with the motor. If an individual airbag stops working, then check the connection for that airbag.

You should also check solenoids that control the amount of air pressure. Airbags will also not work if there is an issue with solenoids. The solenoids are adjustable via the massage chair. 

Contact a massage chair expert

After checking all these points, if you still have a problem, then you should contact an expert for massage chair repair. If you do not know any massage chair expert, then you can Google for massage chair repair near you.

How to Maintain a Massage Chair?

You can avoid all these issues if you are maintaining your massage chair regularly. Here are some tips to properly care for a massage chair.

Regular cleaning

To prevent dirt or debris, you should clean your massage chair at least once in two weeks. You can wipe a wet cloth on your chair to remove dirt and debris. It is nice if you use dish soap or leather conditioner to properly clean the massage chair.

You can use any type of oils as well rather than leather conditioner. However, oil can damage the chair over time. You can use the vacuum cleaner to clean hard-to-reach areas or cracks.

Never use massage chair in direct sunlight

You know that direct sunlight is harmful to massage chairs as well. It can cause discoloration or crack on the surface of the massage chair. Thus, avoid using a massage chair under direct sunlight.

Use massage chair regularly

Like a car, you should use your massage chair regularly. The massage chairs are made with mechanical parts and mechanical parts should be lubricated. If you are rarely using the massage chair, then it will produce a squeaking noise. The massage strength will also be week over time.

Stop using massage chair if there is any trouble

If you are having trouble using the massage chair, then do not use it until you find the solution. It can lower the ability of the massage chair and cause damage. You should immediately consult an expert if you cannot find any solution.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article will help to rest the massage chair. Usually, a massage chair lasts for two to three years. But, if you will maintain it then your massage chair will last long. You should purchase a massage chair fabric cover to protect it from dirt and debris.

Overall, we have provided a complete guide on how to reset massage chair. You get guidelines on massage chair repair and how to maintain a massage chair as well. Now you only need to follow these guidelines to keep the massage chair up-to-date.

That’s it for now see you in the next article.

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