6 Easy Steps to Clean Your Massage Chair

How to Clean a Massage Chair

Massaging your muscles using a massage chair is a great thing. But, do you like to massage your body while sitting on a dusty massage chair? A massage chair also requires maintenance. You will need to clean it. How to clean a massage chair?

Cleaning a massage chair does not require a lot of money or time. It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the massage chair regularly. Otherwise, you will face mechanical issues in a massage chair.

Cleaning is a part of massage chair maintenance. It can interrupt your daily dose of massage. If you have a habit of drinking juices or eating food while sitting on a massage chair, surely you will make your massage chair messy after some time.

So what should you do to clean your massage chair? Is there any massage chair lubricant to clean it? Or it can be cleaned with simple water? How to clean hard stains from the surface of a massage chair?

To know the answers read the article till the end…

How to Clean a Massage Chair?

6 Easy Steps to Clean Your Massage Chair

Cleaning a massage chair regularly is necessary. It will keep your massage chair shiny and good-looking. It will improve the lifespan of fabric or leather upholstery on your massage chair. Here is the step-by-step guide for cleaning your massage chair. 

Step-1: First of all, remove the seat cushion and head cushion. If there is other removable upholstery then remove it first. It will help you to easily clean corners and crevices. 

Step 2: To clean the upholstery, you will need a microfiber piece of cloth. You can use mild soap water with a microfiber cloth. Make sure to remove dust away from the massage chair. Otherwise, it will stick to the chair. 

Step 3: Remove the dust with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. After that, use mild soap water to clean stains. Never use any strong soap water. It might damage the surface of the massage chair. 

Step 4: You can use spray bottles to spray mild soap water. This way the upholstery on the massage chair will not soak the water. Make sure to wipe the soap water immediately with a damp cloth. 

Step 5: After that let the massage chair dry for a few hours. Don’t use any acidic soap water; otherwise, it will leave unwanted marks on the massage chair after drying. 

Sept-6: Once the massage chair is dry. Your massage chair is ready to work again. Don’t split water on the electrical outlet of the massage chair. The chance of a sock circuit is high when you clean it with water. 

Tips on How to Clean Your Massage Chair

14 Tips on How to Clean Your Massage Chair

You know the steps to clean the massage chair. But, still a small mistake can damage the massage chair. It will make your pocket lighter. 

Therefore, we will give you some tips or precautions that you should take while cleaning the massage chair. We will also tell you how to maintain the beauty of upholstery on massage chairs. 

Here are the tips for cleaning a massage chair…

  • While cleaning the massage chair make sure that the power cord is disconnected. 
  • Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe out the debris from the massage chair
  • Don’t dry the massage chair with heat. 
  • Don’t use any stain removal or other cleaning liquid. It will leave stains on the surface of the massage chair. 
  • Never use a brush to clean hard stains from the leather. It will tear the upholstery of the massage chair.
  • Be careful when you spray water on the chair. Do not spray water on the electrical board. 
  • Use a vacuum to clean the corners of the massage chair. Avoid using small sticks to remove dirt from corners. 
  • Remove the removable parts of the massage chair to clean them properly. (don’t try this step if you don’t know how to detach parts of the massage chair)
  • Use an upholstery protector to protect it from dirt. It will also protect your massage chair from aggressive substances like salt, acidic compounds, etc. These compounds are found in human sweat and dyes from fabrics. 
  • When you clean the remote controller or power switch use a dry cloth. Don’t use a damp cloth to clean them. 
  • If you are using any cleaning solution test it on a small area first. Check the color of the massage chair, if it is faded, avoid using that solution. 
  • Avoid eating or drinking while sitting on the massage chair. 
  • Never use any cleaning solution that contains benzene thinner. 
  • You can remove the foot and calf massage and hand wash it under water. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean hard stains from the surface of a massage chair?

You can use mild soap water to clean the stain. We will not recommend any harsh detergent or solution. It might tear or damage the seat cushion along the time. 

Is there any massage chair lubricant to clean it? 

There are no special lubricants to clean the massage chair. But, you can use solutions that are generally used for leather cushions. However, any lubricant or solution is not necessary to clean the massage chair. You can clean it with simple water. 

If you insist on using a lubricant, we would suggest the massage chair cleaner from Osaki.

How frequently should I clean the massage chair?

You should clean the massage chair once a week. You can clean it twice a week if you are using it daily. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves to massage their body in the comfort of their home. But, they don’t take massage chair maintenance seriously. It is an expensive appliance. You have invested a big amount in it.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your investment. We have given you 15 tips for cleaning a massage chair. Make sure to follow all these tips while cleaning your appliance.

If you are not using the chair regularly, you should start using it at least for 10 minutes every day. After some years, some parts of the massage chair might require greasing. You should contact a massage chair expert for that.

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