Step-by-Step Guide to Easily Disassembling Your Massage Chair

How to Disassemble A Massage Chair

Are you moving a massage chair to a new home? Before moving the massage chair you must know how to disassemble a massage chair. It is not possible to safely move a massage chair without disassembling it.

We have discussed this in our previous post on how to move a massage chair. You must read that article before moving the massage chair. Let’s get back to the topic.

After that post, some readers asked questions like How to disassemble the Cozzia massage chair, Osaki massage chair, Infinity massage chair, and how to disassemble the Real Relax massage chair.

We thought that we should answer these questions in one single post. Make sure to read the article till the end. This article will answer all your queries on disassembling a massage chair.

So keep reading…

Cozzia Massage Chair Disassembly

How to Disassemble Cozzia Massage Chair

Step-1 Remove the pillow from the backrest cover by removing the clip.

Step-2 Remove the cover of the backrest with the zipper.

Step-3 Fold the backrest until you hear a click into place.

Step-4 To remove the remote control holder, loosen the four screws. 

Step-5 Disconnect the plugs from the massage chair.

Step-6 Disconnect & unlock the backrest from the bottom seat.

Step-7 Now remove the backrest from the allotted slot.

Step-8 Uninstall the one-sided panel by unscrewing two socket heads.

With the help of these Eight simple steps, you can easily disassemble any cozzia massage chair. These steps are based on the Cozzia massage chair user manual.

To re-assemble the massage chair, start from the 8th step and follow all steps oppositely. This way you can also re-assemble the cozzia massage chair after shifting to a new home.

How to Disassemble Osaki Massage Chair?

How to Disassemble Osaki Massage Chair

Step-1 Switch off the chair and disconnect the power cord connecter located on the outer side of the right arm. 

Step-2 Disconnect the remote controller. Remove the remote cord from the port. You will find the port on the inner side of the right armrest. Carefully remove the screw cap on the controller line connecter.

Step-3 The third step is to remove the leg rest. You will find a hook on the right armrest side. Remove the screws by loosening the screws and pulling out the leg rest from the connecting axle in the hook. Uninstall the inner cover and outer cover of the leg frame from the connecting shaft. 

Step-4 Once the leg rest is removed, disassemble the armrest from the massage chair. Unscrew the armrest from the chair’s main body. Disconnect the armrest from the chair backrest stand. 

Make sure to disconnect the air hose as well. Lift the armrest and remove the armrest connector from the base of the chair. You can use this method to remove both armrests. 

Step-5 Carefully gather the bolts and small parts of the massage chair in an accessories box. 

Follow these steps in descending order to re-install the massage chair. There are moving rollers under the main chair component. You can easily move the main chair component on any soft surface. 

How to Disassemble Infinity Massage Chair?

How to Disassemble Infinity Massage Chair

Step-1 Turn off the massage chair using the remote control and remove the power cord from the power socket. Take the plug of the remote control out from the socket on the power box at the bottom. 

Step-2 Remove the leg rest unit from the massage chair by disconnecting the PU covers with the zipper. Disconnect the connectors of the leg rest from the ports on the frame. After that, disassemble the leg rest unit from the chair. 

Step-3 How to disassemble the calf part of the infinity massage chair? Loosen the lock on the left and right side that connects the calf parts to the main unit. Remove the calf unit from the seat frame. Be careful while removing the calf unit. 

Step-4 To remove the armrest, loosen the armrest from the seat frame with one screw. Pull the armrest from the side of the seat frame and remove the armrest from the connecting rod of the backrest. 

Disconnect the air valve, and air-pipe plugs on the armrest from the side ports located on the lower part of the armrest frame. 

Step-5 Pack the massage chair in a cartoon. Make sure to keep the screws and other accessories in the accessories box.

How to Disassemble Real Relax Massage Chair?

How to Disassemble Real Relax Massage Chair

Step-1 Turn off the massage chair using the remote control and then turn off the power supply. Remove the power cord from the power socket. Remove the remote bag from the right armrest. 

Step-2 This step is not necessary. If you want to remove the wheels, pull them out by unscrewing them. 

Step-3 Detach the pad wire from the unit. Remove the chair pad and attach it at the top with a zipper. 

Step-4 You have to uninstall the seat on the unit. Disconnect the two air plugs and wire to uninstall the seat. 

Step-5 Loosen the screw to detach the armrest from the unit. Pull out the armrest from the hook that connects the armrest to the massage chair. Disconnect the air plug of the armrest from the massage chair.

Step-6 Fold the backrest on the massage chair seat until you hear a click. Don’t forget the screws and hooks; you will need them to re-install the massage chair.

How to Disassemble Osim Massage Chair?

OSIM Disassembly

Step-1 First of all, switch off the massage chair by switching the main electric outlet. 

Step-2 Disconnect the cable from the massage chair. Push the audio cable inside the right armrest casing. 

Step-3 Adjust both arm massage units by pushing them down. Adjust the shoulder massage unit as well by pushing them down. 

Step-4 Remove the headrest pad by removing the strap of the backrest pad. 

Step-5 You can fully recline the backrest of some Osim massage chairs. If it is easy to move it in a recline position, then fully recline the backrest of the massage chair. Otherwise, keep the backrest as it is. 

There are only a few parts of Osim massage chairs that can be disassembled. The massage chair comes fully assembled from the factory. However, removing some parts like the rest, will make the chair compact. 

Also, there are wheels underneath the massage chair. You can easily move it by taking someone’s help. There are two methods in the user manual to move the Osim massage chair. 

How to Disassemble Brookstone Massage Chair?

Brookstone Disassembly

Step-1 There will be a main power switch located at the Brookstone massage chair. Turn off that power switch before disassembling it. Do not forget to remove the power plug from the electrical outlet.  

Step-2 The brookstone massage chair comes with a removable seat cushion layer. Remove the seat cushion before moving. 

Step-3 Remove the backrest cushion as well by pulling up the zipper that connects the backrest and cushion. 

Step-4 The headrest is also removable. Detach the pillow from the velcro to remove it. 

Step-5 The armrest and footrest are not removable. However, you can fully recline the backrest. If it makes the chair is to pack while moving then recline the backrest. 

Osim and Brookstone massage chairs are a bit difficult to move. This massage chair has fewer removable parts. You have to pack it well while moving to avoid unwanted damage.  

Final Verdict

Disassembling a massage chair is an easy task, but only if you know the proper steps to disassemble it. Most of the steps are the same for every massage chair.

However, there are minor differences as the makers are different. You can read the user manual to disassemble it. You can also download the user manuals from the official website of the company. However, some user manuals only give information about installing the chair.

But you can reverse the installation process to disassemble a massage chair. There are wheels under every massage chair. It makes the job easy for you. If you are moving the chair to the nearest place, you don’t need to disassemble it.

Just pull the backrest of the massage chair towards you (when you are at the back side of the massage chair). You can take help to lift the front part. After that, slowly move the chair by the rollers.

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