What Is SL Track Massage Chair? Here’s The Answer

what is sl track massage chair

To release tension and lessen stress has now become more convenient and accessible than it was ever before. Since the invention of massage chairs has been made, the levels of comfort and ease have been raised. In the past, people, when they wanted to get their stress out of their bodies, went to massage experts or massage centers. However, now, the tables have turned. Usually, it was not convenient for everyone to go to a massage center or a massage therapist to get a soothing massage. Sometimes, the massage centers were located in distant places, and sometimes they cost too much.

No doubt that the massage chairs have brought an unmatchable luxury, peace, and comfort to our hectic and busy lives. Their accumulation in our daily routines contributed to a larger extent to keep us healthy in physical and mental terms. As the massage chairs rocked the market, many manufacturers designed the massage chairs for different applications with various functions. There are many massage chairs, such as the S Track massage chair, L Track massage chair, and SL Track massage chair. With few distinctions and similarities, the purpose of all these massage chairs is to ease the tension, reduce the stress of the body, and provide a luxury time to their users.

We know that the market is replete with several massage chairs. It becomes quite difficult for the buyers to choose an appropriate massage chair at an economical rate. Selecting a massage chair that will suit your body structure and accommodate it is not as easy as it seems. Every individual holds a different opinion when it comes to selecting a massage chair.

Introduction About SL Track

Some people buy massage chairs for the wide range of functions they offer. While, some prefer those massage chairs that provide great accommodation, comfort, and relaxation. Among the various types of massage chairs, the SL Track massage chair has surpassed the S Track and L Track massage chairs. Due to its modern features and design, the SL Track massage chair has proved itself to be more efficient, relaxing, modern, and beneficial in terms of health. The invention of the SL Track massage chair is considered a success for manufacturers.

Features of SL Track Massage Chair

Features of SL Track Massage Chair

The SL Track massage chair has won the hearts of its users by the wide variety of features it provides. There are many features inside this Advanced Track massage chair, which we are going to discuss.

1.    Automatic Body Scan

The SL Track massage chair comes with an automatic body detection system that scans the body thoroughly. Nevertheless, there is no computer to command the chair, but a remote is given with it, which comprehensively controls the SL Track massage. This automatic body scanner is really useful for a full-body massage.

The system scans your body and maps out a unique body shape, according to which the massage therapies are applied. An automatic detector enables you to experience a customized massage. It is also advantageous because you do not need to adjust the settings of massage techniques and the intensity of the pressure nodes.

2.    Heated Massage

The SL Track massage chair has a built-in heated massage function. The heated massage is exceptionally beneficial, especially for athletic people and old persons. The areas of the waist and lower back are often painful for old-age people. In this condition, a session of heated massage could be very advantageous.

The heating function has now become very popular in massage chairs. A massage chair without a heated massage feature is regarded as an incomplete massage chair. Because of various health benefits, the heating pads of a massage chair release a significant amount of stress from the high-stress areas and gives you a soothing experience.

3.    Track Rollers

Though there are many distinctions among the massage chairs yet, they are marked and ranked on the category of track rollers that they provide. There could be 3D rollers or 4D rollers. 3D rollers work on the body in the three dimensions, X, Y, and Z. Full body massage is the most authentic application of 3D track rollers.

There are track rollers in the SL Track, specifically the foot rollers. The foot rollers and supplementary airbags in the calf area of the massage chair gently but extensively massage your feet and the surrounding areas. You can let out the all-day stress of feet by using the foot rollers to carry out your regular business and activities actively.

4.    Full Body Air Massage

The full-body air massage of the SL Track massage chair separates it from the conventional massage chairs. The airbags present beneath the chair’s leather softly press and squeeze the body muscles to lessen the pressure. The full-body airbag massage is a low-intensity massage that starts from the shoulder and goes towards the bottom of the feet. The SL Track uses an automatic body detector to scan the entire body and then outlines a unique body shape to command airbags on it.

5.    Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

The SL Track massage chair is a zero-gravity massage chair. But, what is zero-gravity? Zero-gravity is the name of body posture in which the legs are raised to the heart. The zero-gravity was originally derived from the positions of astronauts when they get ready to take off. The zero-gravity position is also known as the “weightless” or “zero-weight” position as the earth’s force of gravity gets reduced.

When you sit in and get into a zero-gravity position, the chair automatically distributes the bodyweight evenly. By this, you can easily experience a considerable benefit as your stress would release more effectively.

6.    Bluetooth

The SL Track massage chair is equipped with Bluetooth technology. It allows the users to synchronize their smartphones or gadgets with the massage chair and listen to their favorite songs and music while receiving a soothing and luxurious massage.

7.    Speakers

It has built-in speakers right by the head’s position of the chair. Through speakers, you could listen to your favorite songs and music. A soothing massage with a piece of music rhythm is just a perfect combination.

Different Massage Therapies

SL TRACK Different-Massage-Therapies

The SL Track massage chair offers a wide range of massage techniques. Commonly, there are six general types of massage that SL Track deals with.

Pat Massage

As the name suggests, the pat massage starts from the top of the body and down. It applies gentle patting motions to the body and reduces the tension.

Rolling Massage

The rolling massage applies even pressure all over the body. Rolling massage uses rollers, track rollers to roll up and down the body muscles.

Knocking Massage

The knocking massage knocks the body muscles much deeper than patting massage and contracts with the muscle tissue.

Light Pinching Massage

This type of massage works gradually over the large body areas by applying pinpoint pressure to the muscles.

Kneading Massage

This type of massage targets large areas of the back. It squeezes and provides comfort to the back of the body. It is helpful in case of back pain or lower back pain.

Walking Massage

Walking massage is the lightest customized type of massage. It is designed to replicate the effect of fingers. It covers almost the whole body.

Advantages of the SL Tack Massage Chair

Advantages of the SL Tack Massage Chair

After a detailed review of the remarkable massage chair, it is important to mention some of the few outstanding advantages.

  • The SL Track massage chair with full body massage, heated massage, full-body scan, zero-gravity, adjustable settings, and track rollers is among the few economical massage chairs.
  • It can accommodate tall people.
  • It has many auto-generated programs.
  • The length of its track is extended because of the presence of both S Track and L Track. That is why it offers a larger massage range.
  • It has space-saving technology. It means it does not occupy much space.
  • Being user-friendly, it automatically adjusts the chair’s settings to the user after scanning the entire body of the user. Thus, the user doesn’t have to change the setting repeatedly to experience a joyful massage.

Why Is SL Track Massage Chair Different from S Track and L Track Massage Chairs?

SL Track vs S Track vs L Track Massage Chair

As mentioned earlier, many factors make the SL Track massage chair a better chair for a massage rather than ordinary massage chairs. Some of these factors listed below:

  • SL Track massage chair is the most modern category of massage chairs.
  • Other massage chairs only offer one Track in them, but the SL Track massage chair offers both the S Track and L Track in it. If you choose a massage technique, you could experience the comfort of both tracks.
  • Right now, S Track and L Track massage chairs can only be operated through the computer that is attached to them. However, the SL Track massage chair has a remote to control and command the massage chair.
  • Moreover, the SL Track massage chair has almost every function that S Track and L Track massage chairs offer combined.
  • An automatic body scanner makes massage therapy worthwhile as settings are automatically adjusted according to your body shape.

Best SL-Track Massage Chairs

Name Image Price Check
Ugears B-L1 Ugears_OWAYS_SL_track_massage_chair-ICON $1,658.99 Buy Now
FR-5KS FR-5KS-ICON $1,699.00 Buy Now
CirC – Premium CirC - Premium ICON $899.99 Buy Now


Without any doubt, it will not be wrong to say that the SL Track massage chair is decent, exceptional, and economically fair. Many massage chairs offer only one track, whereas the SL Track massage chair provides the combination of both S Track and L Track. Therefore, if you want to immediately release the tension from your body, you should consider the SL Track massage chair as the solution for your all-day stress.

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