What Is Zero Gravity Position? Here Is The Answer

What Is Zero Gravity Position

What Is Zero Gravity Position?

The zero-gravity position is a posture of the body in which the body is in a state of weightlessness. It was initiated and invented by NASA. NASA uses this position on its astronauts before launching them into space to equalize their weight and ease the stress from their bodies. It is also known as “Zero-G.”

Since our childhood, we all know about gravity and see that gravity keeps us and everything on the earth. A true zero gravity means the state of weightlessness that is experienced during a change in gravitational fields. It is also known that gravity constantly pulls bones and joints of the body, which causes one’s body to age and become sore in all the wrong places. Similarly, there is no gravity in space, and zero gravity can be achieved if a person in an airplane moves at a particular angle with sufficient speed. Nonetheless, one does not have to be an astronaut to achieve a zero-gravity position. Now such mattresses and beds can be made that help one attain zero-gravity or Zero-G status.

In this article, we will explain what the zero-gravity position is? Zero gravity sleep position? How can we form our beds for zero gravity? What does gravity have to do with beds? How mattresses combined with the latest technology help us to accomplish zero-gravity posture? What are the health and medical benefits of zero-gravity posture?

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses play a significant role in accomplishing the zero-gravity position. If you wake up aching or exhausted in the morning, you would feel dizzy and less energetic to perform your everyday duties. It is mainly due to the bed position and the mattress. After a long hectic day, there is no better option than to sleep on a memory foam mattress for a comfortable sleep at night. A memory foam mattress features a wide variety of benefits that outshines it from other ordinary mattresses. It could relieve stress from one’s body. It is a milestone that shows how science is playing its role in the relaxation and luxury of humans. This mattress is structured to provide ultimate comfort and care. Let’s take a look at the benefits of memory foam mattresses.

Ideal Support

Memory foam forms the shape of your body and provides maximum support to spinal alignment and comfort to the body’s joints. The resistive nature of memory foam mattresses helps them to accommodate almost every sleeping position. As memory foam mattresses distribute the body weight evenly, they adjust the molds to the body’s curves and support the body to relieve as maximum stress as possible.

Body Comfort

A memory foam mattress has an extraordinary sensation that reacts to the body’s heat and weight. As a person lies on the mattress, the foam instantly transforms its shape into the person’s body. This body-conforming characteristic sets memory foam mattresses apart from ordinary mattresses.

Stress-Point Release

Memory foam mattresses evenly distribute the body weight and reduce pressure on the heaviest parts of the body. This feature of memory foam mattresses allows them to release pains and aches and improve blood circulation throughout the night.

Sag and Sink-age Free

With the help of advanced technology, the latest generation of memory foam mattresses is made of high-quality adaptive materials that offer just the right blend of “not too soft and not too hard.” This feature made them sag-free and a mattress for a lifetime.

Lessens Transfer of Movement

Memory foam mattress curves itself to your body and thus creates a personal sleeping zone. It helps to prevent turning and tossing overnight in sleep and facilitates you with a comfortable sleep.

Dust Mite Resilient

Memory foam mattresses are designed on a visco-elastic design due to which dust mites, mold, and mildew cannot penetrate the beds. This feature of the mattresses helps to reduce various allergic symptoms. Thus, it provides a clean and healthy night for sleeping.

Zero-Gravity Sleep Position

There are many sleep guides that suggest that sleeping in a zero-gravity position is a method to achieve a relaxed and peaceful sleep. Precisely, zero-gravity sleep position involves the alignment of the head and knee slightly above the heart. The position of the torso and legs will form a 120-degree angle approximately. It draws its posture inspiration primarily from the position or shape astronauts attain while going into space.

To truly achieve the zero-gravity position, four things have to be sure:

  1. Elevation of the upper body
  2. Bending of knees
  3. Raising legs above chest level
  4. The equal angle of thighs and torso from the hips.

When it comes to relaxing or sleeping, zero-gravity posture essentially saves your body from the pressure of its weight. In Zero-G, the spine’s vertebrae are not compressed. Hips are relieved of stress, and knees take the pressure from your lower back. Accomplishing this position could result in many advantages for overall health and comfort. Additionally, the zero-gravity sleeping position provides a minor lift to the upper and lower body. With the head lifted, airways can open, and breathing becomes more comfortable. Raised legs can also improve blood circulation and heart health.

The combination of pressure relief and weightlessness swiftly caught the attention of mattress and bed makers. Thanks to NASA, now we have been able to incorporate the zero-gravity position into our adjustable mattresses and beds. The reality is that NASA also developed the science behind the memory foam mattresses.

Health Benefits of Zero-Gravity Position

What Is Zero Gravity Position - Health Benefits

There are numerous health benefits of the zero-gravity position that contribute to your comfort and health. Let’s dive deep into insight into these incredible benefits.

● Sleep Deep

As per a report, 60 million people are affected by insomnia every year. Although sleeping in a zero-gravity posture cannot guarantee to resolve the insomnia problem, it can help you relax way more effectively than an ordinary sleeping posture. Getting a good night’s sleep regularly has a wealth of health benefits, including disease prevention and waking pain-free. A refreshing morning allows you to take on your daily tasks with more mental strength. You can remove pressure on your joints and muscles in this posture and place your spine in a comfort zone. With the stress taken off your body, you will find that you have a deeper sleep than lying flat.

● Relieve Neck and Back Pain

When you lie on a traditional mattress, there are many gaps between your body and the places of the mattress. The parts of your body that do touch the bed absorb the stress of your body parts. In contrast, those who do not make any contact do not relieve any pressure. This phenomenon can leave you with a crick in your head and unexplained back pain in the morning.

When you sleep in a zero-gravity position, the weight of your body is evenly spread out. Also, your spine is in a stress-free position. It helps you to relax and keeps you from waking up sore in the morning.

● Easy Breathing and Less Snoring

Snoring is always an issue, and somehow it is not solely directed to sleep or the amount of sleep. There are many reasons for snoring. They are connected, to some extent, with the sleeping position. If you snore because of your tongue’s position or any stress on the threat, then zero-gravity posture helps you control the snoring. While in the zero-gravity sleep position, your head is at a 30 to 45-degree angle. It also helps to relieve pressure on your throat. Your airways are more open, and you could breathe a lot easier.

The angle of your head in the zero-gravity sleeping position can also place your tongue in a normal position. If you want to breathe easier and snore less, then you need to achieve a zero-gravity posture.

● Lifestyle Benefits

As sleeping in zero-gravity posture has been compared to sleeping in traditional or unaligned positions, it comes out that zero-gravity position is much comfortable. It keeps the head elevated while watching television, performing tasks, or making assignments on pc and laptops. Also, while reading or relaxing in bed, it becomes more manageable and pleasurable because you do not have to adjust pillows to keep yourself upright. It is like a win-win situation in a zero-gravity position; for example, while using a mobile phone, your head is propped to prevent any neck spasm or strain, and you could spend your time efficiently.

Medical Benefits of Zero-Gravity Position

What Is Zero Gravity Position - Medical Benefits

Besides the health benefits of zero-gravity, many medical services bring positive changes and make a man healthier than ever before. Therefore, some of the many medical benefits are listed below.

● Reduce Heartburns

Tilting the upper torso upward helps reduce or even prevent acid or food present in the stomach from returning to the esophagus. There is nothing worse than waking up with heartburn and acid reflux. When you sleep in a traditional posture, acid could quickly come up from the stomach. The result of sleeping in an elevated position is that your head is above the stomach, and the acid stays in the stomach. It can only be done when the zero-gravity position is accomplished on a memory foam mattress.

● Improve Blood Circulation and Lessen Swelling Cases

Nowadays, diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, or kidney-related problems have affected our lives to a greater extent. Along these, pregnancy and exercise can sometimes result in poor blood flow and cause swelling of hands and feet. Fortunately, by sleeping in a zero-gravity position, when the legs and torso are lifted, blood circulation enhances, and swelling reduces.

● Improve Heart Health

The zero-gravity position is a great option to take the pressure off the heart. It allows better blood flow throughout the body, which ultimately improves the functioning of the heart. On the other hand, unaligned sleeping postures could put additional stress on the heart.

● Improve Digestion

When you sleep at night, your body functions slow down, which is the main reason that you should only eat a light snack late at night if you want to. When you lie on a flat mattress with no zero-gravity posture, your digestion becomes slow, and you counter digestion issues.

However, in the zero-gravity position, the upper part of your body is higher than the stomach. It permits your body to digest food normally and allows you to wake up in the morning healthier and happier. It also helps you to fall asleep faster and enjoy a comfortable and deep sleep.

Side Sleeping in Zero-Gravity Position

What Is Zero Gravity Position - Side Sleeping

The zero-gravity position is achievable in memory foam mattresses, and it means that the mattress adjusts itself to whatever position or side you find comfortable and want to sleep. It is all about the stress points that should be focused and in the matter of memory foam mattresses or adjustable beds, almost every stress point of the body is in contact with the mattress. More people sleep on their sides, called “instinctual position.” According to many experts, side sleeping is the best sleeping position. Side sleepers get numerous benefits, such as experiencing less neck and back pain. They snore less. They face minor sleeping problems, especially heartburns and swelling. Likewise, pregnant women are encouraged to sleep on their left side as it improves the blood flow throughout the body. Below are the benefits that a side sleeper could get while in zero-gravity position using a memory foam mattress.

  • A memory mattress is excellent for side sleepers as it uplifts the upper part of the body, makes more comfort and relaxation for knees, hips, neck, and shoulders.
  • Slight adjustments reduce pressure on joints and spine vertebrae to the head elevation. It also improves blood circulation while keeping a side sleeping posture.
  • A memory mattress or adjustable bed could help side sleepers to fall asleep earlier and easier.
  • Adjustable beds prevent sleep apnea by elevating the head and opening the airways. Side sleepers usually use pillows for this purpose, but this could be accomplished by an adjustable bed or memory mattress while sleeping in a zero-gravity posture.

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