Can a Massage Chair Cause Injury? Here is The Answer

can massage chair cause injury

A massage chair is a luxurious addition to our lives. Whether someone uses it to relax, chronic injuries, or post-workout muscle ache, a massage chair can be worthy. But can a massage chair cause injury?

Due to significant health advantages, massage chairs have become increasingly popular, especially for those looking to improve their overall physical health. Massage chairs are designed to work on the muscles of your body and relax them. Indeed, you should need to know if indulging in a daily massage session may have any possible side effects. The most harmless of items can certainly cause harm if used excessively or inappropriately. Similarly, in all the massage therapies and sessions, you have to be cautioned while relaxing yourself on a massage chair. That is why the recommendation of a doctor often becomes necessary before using a massage chair if you are suffering from an ailment or pain.

It will be quite disappointing to buy a massage chair, hook it up, and be ready to enjoy a great massage session, with all the top features like Bluetooth, modern 4D rollers, body scanners, and much more, only to be in pain even after the massage therapy. It is, to some extent, very common. Usually, people don’t realize the settings and intensity they need from a chair. Most of the time, the store person helps you by describing every massage chair as the only best and optimized solution and product for your health.

Can a Massage Chair Cause Injury? – Full Answer

Dangers of A Massage Chair

can massage chair cause injury - Dangers of A Massage Chair

Although there are many advantages of massage chairs, some disadvantages could cause an aching and lead to muscle injury. Below are some demerits and possible side effects that are associated with the use of massage chairs so that you could avoid them.

Wrong Use Can Lead to Injury

can massage chair cause injury - Wrong Use Can Lead to Injury

As a massage chair is destined to relax your muscles and relieve body discomfort, the chair’s inappropriate usage could lead to injuries or even worsening of an existing injury or medical condition. That is why, before using a massage chair, spend some time reading the user’s manual thoroughly.

Unlike ordinary chairs, massage chairs are uniquely structured to provide back support while comforting your muscles. It implies that incorrect use of massage chairs can cause injuries, particularly back injuries. In short, a massage chair should not be used as a substitute for gaming or office chairs. It should only be used when someone is in need of a massage to relax and relieve the stress.


can massage chair cause injury - Pain

People prefer using a massage session of the massage chair to massage therapy for more ease and relaxation. When it comes to massage chairs, there are no universal or general settings due to competing brands’ various features. Some settings might be friendly and comforting for an experienced user, while for some, especially for first-time users, these settings could be complicated.

It is not uncommon to experience residual pain after a comforting massage session. Such pain arises typically due to the pressure while having a deep tissue massage. The pain usually is mild and lasts for a short duration only. To prevent facing such pain after a massage, you should not jump into the massage chair after someone else. You should always need to check the massage chair’s settings to ensure that you have selected the proper pressure and vibrations to avoid hurting your muscles.

Circulatory Issues

There is also one more possible adversity of massage chairs that is of blood circulation. It is known, and everyone should be aware that massage therapy stimulates the lymph nodes to relieve muscle stress. For that reason, if one has a history of issues related to blood circulation, clotting, or vein thrombosis, it is necessary to seek the doctor’s advice before using a massage chair. But, if one does not have a history of blood flow, then he or she can easily, without having any tension, use the massage chair without any concerns.

Bruises and Muscle Injury

Bruises and Muscle Injury

In this shortlist of massage chair demerits, the most common side effect is muscle injury. Because massage chairs are mechanical, there is no way for them to know that they are hurting you. Sometimes massage chairs could even aggravate the injuries. If your skin is delicate and your muscles are relatively weak, it is worthwhile to start your massage sessions using low-pressure settings to avoid harming yourself. You could start your therapies of longer sittings as you get used to the massage chair and its features.

In short, massage chairs could not cause direct harm to your muscles or skin. However, if inappropriate settings are used, then there are possibilities that you could get a bruise or muscle injury if you have weak muscles.

Risk of Bone Fracture

can massage chair cause injury - Risk of Bone Fracture

Though it is exceptionally rare, there is an insignificant risk of fracturing your bones if you get into a massage chair with high-pressure settings. But, similar to the other shortcomings, the risk of bone fracture does not apply to everyone. It happens to people who suffer from bone diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, and other conditions that weaken the bones at greater risk of injuries. Such persons should consult with a doctor before using the massage chair.

Zero-Gravity Recliners – A Better Option for Massage

Zero-Gravity Recliners – A Better Option for Massage

Zero-gravity recliners, also known as zero-gravity chairs, are made to suspend your body in a neutral position where your feet are raised in orientation with your heart. When a person is reclined in a zero-gravity posture, he or she experiences a weightless sensation. The stress is released from a person’s body and allowed to relax deeply in a zero-gravity position. It lightens pressure points all through a person’s back, spine, legs, and hips. It prevents pain and discomfort in previous-mentioned parts of the body. There are many models and functions of zero-gravity recliners. They have become very popular due to their high comfort level. The name “zero-gravity” refers to minimizing the gravitational pull of the earth on your body when you hold yourself in this posture. NASA coined the zero-gravity to limit gravity’s effects on astronauts when they are launched to space.

Among the many demerits of massage chairs, one uses such a massage chair that fails to accommodate your weight. It is inevitable to use a chair to upkeep your weight if one wants to prevent muscle injuries.

Zero-gravity massage chairs are the best solutions to get rid of ordinary massage chairs that could cause injuries and bruises. The zero-gravity massage chair is a combined object of a zero-gravity recliner and the soothing touch of the massage chair. With a zero-gravity massage chair, you can comfort while enjoying a light massage to loosen tight muscles and relieve any back, especially of the back and spine.

There are many benefits of zero-gravity recliners, and some of them are listed below:

1.  It helps to improve your posture.

The cutting-edge model of zero-gravity recliner massage chair helps you maintain a correct pose if you are sitting to watch television, reading a book, or lying to relax. It also facilitates you from slumping as you usually become on an ordinary chair or couch.

2.  It enhances blood circulation.

There is no substitute for zero-gravity recliners when it comes to blood circulation. The recliner massage chairs increase blood flow throughout the body as it helps to get more oxygen to the bloodstream and ultimately contributes to the health benefits. As in zero-gravity posture, the heart is aligned with the feet, and thus this position lessens stress on the heart; it allows the heart to perform its functions more efficiently. As a result, improved circulation reduces swelling.

3.  It releases lower back pain.

If your massage chair is causing lower back pain in your body, then it is time to say goodbye to the massage chair and shift towards the zero-gravity recliner. With a zero-gravity chair, the force of gravity is significantly minimized on the vertebrae. It allows your back, especially the lower area of your body, to relax, and stress is relieved. The chances of misalignment or inflammation are also reduced, and you are provided with a painless, soothing sleep.

4.  It decompresses and heals the spine.

A zero-gravity chair is an organic, healing, and effective method to sort out your back problems. Your back becomes aching when gravity constantly pulls it down and compresses it. Zero-gravity chairs help your body to remain in a neutral posture so that the spine will release stress. Discs have more space to expand and hydrate in zero-gravity recliners.

5.  It allows sore muscles to relax.

Zero-gravity massage chairs, after a stressful day at work, provide great relaxation to your muscles. When you recline on a zero-gravity chair, your body is evenly distributed, and you feel yourself in a weightless position. It allows your tired and aching muscles to release tension and become relaxed.

6.  It benefits your lungs.

It is due to zero-gravity recliners that air reaches a maximum proportion in your diaphragm. Ultimately, it allows the effectiveness of your lungs, and they perform their functions properly without any effort. If you use the zero-gravity chair regularly, you will notice that you will take more oxygen and experience a sense of lightness.

The relation between Blood Pressure and Massage Chair

can massage chair cause injury - The relation between Blood Pressure and Massage Chair

Effective massage therapies, including Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, etc., help reduce the overall blood pressure through the soothing effect produced by them. As a result, the massage chair keeps both the blood pressure and heartbeat constant. That is why a massage chair, especially a zero-gravity recliner, is recommended to patients who suffer from blood pressure problems. On the other hand, if a person does not have any blood pressure issue, the massage chair will not expose the person to any risk. Conversely, there is an exception, such as If a person has a history of low blood pressure. Before going into a massage chair, he should take the advice of his physician so that he could prevent the adversities.

Can Massage Chair Cause Injury? – Conclusion

After all that we have talked about “Can Massage Chair Cause Injury?”, The only way to keep away from injuries is to not overuse the massage chair, That way you will stay safe from injuries, and your massage chair will last too long. without problems.
Hope we have answered your question “Can Massage Chair Cause Injury?”.
See you on the next topic.
Stay safe.

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