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iRest Massage Chair Review – A Simple Explanation

iRest Massage Chair Review

If you are searching for the best massage chairs then you may hear the name of iRest. The iRest is one of the best massage chair brands on the market. If you are looking for high-quality and premium options then the Irest is the best brand for you.

In this post, we will review and compare the two best iRest massage chairs a100 and a389. These iRest massage chairs can be a bit expensive for some people. But, it is a one-time investment. These massage chairs are going to give an almost-human massage experience for many years.

Are you ready to do a one-time investment for a healthy lifestyle?

Then let’s dig into the article…

• iRest Massage Chair Zero-gravity Feature

• Irest Massage Chair Zero-gravity Feature

When it comes to zero-gravity massage chairs, both iRest massage chair A100 and A389 are similar. Both are zero gravity massage chairs with one zero gravity position. The iRest is a premium brand.

Therefore it should have at least three positions for zero gravity feature. Most of zero gravity massage chair comes with three positions to enhance user’s massage experience. However, the one position of zero gravity feature is also enough for getting a soothing massage experience. 

• Irest Massage Chair Zero-gravity Feature

In this zero gravity position, your legs and calves will be higher than your heart at 118° degrees. These zero gravity massage chair makes you feel weightless and allows you to enjoy relaxation.

The iRest massage chair also comes with space-saving technology with the zero-gravity feature. They will only require a five centimeters distance to the wall for the zero-gravity feature. You may feel a sense of falling while the massage chairs are tilting. But, it is normal.

If you are using massage chairs for a long time then you may know the benefits of zero-gravity massage chairs. The zero gravity massage chairs are helpful to relieve back pain. Sometimes it also helps to improve blood circulation.

• iRest Massage Chair SL-track Massage Rollers

Well, the iRest massage chair A100 has a slightly long SL shape curved rail. The iRest A100 massage chair comes with a 137cm long SL-track rail. On the other side, the iRest massage chair A389 comes with a 135 SL-shaped curved rail.

• Irest Massage Chair SL-track Massage Rollers

It massages your spine according to its curved shape. The SL-track rollers are becoming much popular nowadays. It is a new technology that massages from your neck to your thighs and claves.

The SL-track rollers give you a relaxing back massage while relieving tense muscles. These two iRest massage chair also allows you to adjust the levels of SL-track roller massage. The Irest A389 allows you to adjust the speed in three levels wide, middle, and narrow.

However, the iRest A100 allows users to adjust massage width with up to five levels. You can adjust the massage range in the range of 3 to 21CM. However, the Irest A100 massage chair can automatically the massage range according to the different parts of the human body.

It will automatically detect the body type and set the massage range. The iRest A100 massage chair wins the race for SL shape curved rail. But, the iRest A389 also provides a nice back massage with SL shape curved rail.

• iRest Massage Chair Linkage Armrest

• Irest Massage Chair Linkage Armrest

The iRest massage chair A389 comes with a linkage armrest whereas the A100 does not have this feature. This linkage armrest feature is designed to provide you extra comfort while having zero gravity massage. The armrest of the massage chair will automatically slide according to the backrest tilt degree. Users can also massage their hands and waist in a natural posture with this linkage armrest feature. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the iRest A100.

• iRest Massage Chair 3D Massage Hands

The 3D mechanical massage hands are available in the iRest A100 massage chair. The 3D mechanical massage hand uses the professional massagist method for massage actions like knead, squeeze, flap, press, push, hold, swing, and twist.

• Irest Massage Chair 3D Massage Hands

It makes you feel like having a massage in a massage parlor. With the 3D massage hands, the massage chair will effectively massage the human cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, and lumbar vertebra.

The 3D massage hands will help you a lot to get rid of any type of back pain. It will also relieve your fatigue and refresh yourself. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, then you should purchase the iRest massage chair A100.

• iRest Massage Chair Air Pressure Massage

• Irest Massage Chair Air Pressure Massage
iRest A100

Both massage chair comes with airbags for whole-body massage. But, there is a difference in the number of airbags. The iRest A100 massage chair comes with 38 airbags while the A389 comes with 28 airbags.

There are four airbags upper arm and eight airbags underarm. The massage chair A389 does not have waist airbags. But, the A100 massage chair comes with four waist airbags. There are four leg airbags in both massage chairs.

The iRest massage chair A389 comes with 12-foot airbags. But, the A100 iRest massage chair features 18-foot massage airbags. Both massage chairs will provide you full body airbag massage and improve your blood circulation.

• Irest Massage Chair Air Pressure Massage
iRest A389

According to, the airbag massage helps to pump blood towards the heart. You can also adjust the air pressure intensity up to three levels in both massage chairs.

• iRest Massage Chair Full-body Massage

• Irest Massage Chair Full-body Massage

These both are full-body massage chairs. There are head cushions in both massage chairs for comfort. You can also adjust the head cushions up and down freely. The iRest A389 massage chair comes with a native oxygen ion generator on the shoulders.

However, the A100 massage chair does not have an oxygen ion generator. There is a carbon fiber far infrared heating function on the back in both massage chairs. The back heating function up to 40°C to 50°C can relieve coldness and pain in your back.

• Irest Massage Chair Full-body Massage

Both massage chair features 135cm intelligent massage hands for back and hip massage. The massage chair A100 offers clockwise and counterclockwise shiatsu and airbag massage in the leg part.

For the foot part, the A100 features a rolling massage technique whereas the A389 features a three-stage massage. These features make them full-body massage chairs.

• iRest Massage Chair A100 Automatic Massage Modes

When it comes to automatic massage programs, the iRest A100 massage chair comes with a few more options. The iRest A100 massage chair features 23 automatic massage programs.

• Irest Massage Chair A100 Automatic Massage Modes

These massage programs include six AI VIPs, six healthcare, six special programs, and five relaxation massage modes. The six AI VIP massage modes are stress-relieving, energy, good-night sleep, and joint care.

Frozen shoulder and spine massage modes are also included in AI VIP. The healthcare program comes with an office regimen, sports recovery, brain refresh, spine care, waist care, and leg care.

If you are suffering from back pain, then the spine care and waist care massage mode are the best for you. There are some special programs like health recharge, treatment, keep fit, bottom toning, restoration, and tiredness relief.

If you want to have a relaxing massage after a hectic day, then the relaxation modes are for you. The relaxation modes include full-body stretch, Thai massage, Chinese massage, total relax, and airbag massage mode.

• iRest Massage Chair A389 Automatic Massage Modes

The iRest massage chair A389 also has six effective automatic massage programs. These all massage programs are around 20 minutes long. The six massage programs are custom private massage therapists for your family. It features massage programs for everyone in your family and friends.

Let’s have a look at these six massage programs…

• Relax-Rush Group

• Relax-Rush Group

The relax-rush group massage program is for relieving your fatigue after a long day of work. It uses an intelligent 2D massage system with professional massage techniques to help you relieve stress and fatigue. This is 20 minutes long automatic massage program.

• Full-campaign Group

• Full-campaign Group

This 15 minutes automatic massage program can focus on your fatigue point. It will also help you to relieve stress and fatigue. If you are involved in any sports activity, then the full-campaign group massage is helpful for you.

• Neck and Shoulder

• Neck and Shoulder

If you spend lots of time sitting in front of the computer, then the neck and shoulder massage is for you. It will remove muscle aches on the cervical vertebra with ease.

• Ache Relieve

• Ache Relieve

The ache relief massage program is much similar to scraping therapy. This 20-minute long massage will help to relieve pain and stiffness in muscles. It will loosen muscles and bones to relieve fatigue.

• Back and Waist

• Back and Waist

As the name suggests, this massage program is specially designed for your back and waist. The back and waist massage program loosen your muscle stiffness in your lumbar and thoracic area. It is also a 20 minutes long massage program.

• Comfortable

• Comfortable

Well, the comfortable massage program is for your parents. It will provide a full-body massage experience from neck to sole and arms to fingertips.

These are six massage programs for all your family members. You should try a massage program that suits your personality and needs.

• iRest Massage Chair A100 Extra Features

Both iRest massage chair comes with some extra features. The iRest A100 full-body massage chair comes with three extra features free installation design, multipurpose massage, and 3D memory modes.

• Irest Massage Chair A100 Extra Features

The 3D memory mode allows you to save your custom massage programs. You do not need to set custom massage every time. After saving the program, you only need to press the memory button to enter automatic memo modes and enjoy personal massage.

• Irest Massage Chair A100 Extra Features

It features a free installation design. The free installation design makes the massage chair simple and safe to use. Its multi positions massage is one of the most beneficial massage features of the iRest A100 massage chair.

The massage chair comes with an acupressure point sensor. With the acupressure point sensor, the massage chair allows you to massage in all parts of your body. You can also call this acupressure massage.

• Irest Massage Chair A100 Extra Features

If you are suffering from sciatica and backache, then the acupressure massage is helpful for you. There are lots of benefits of acupressure massage as well. Moreover, the massage chair comes with an O2 Ionizer, shortcut buttons, and Bluetooth speakers as well.

Its leg part is adjustable up to 25CM according to the user’s height. The massage chair also has seven inches super LED touch screen with UI operating system. You can control all massage programs with this LED touch screen.

• iRest Massage Chair A389 Extra Features

The iRest A389 massage chair also features a few extra features like an O2 ionizer, memo modes, and adjustable head cushions. Its memo modes are similar to the 3D memory function of the A100 massage chair.

• Irest Massage Chair A389 Extra Features

The memo modes allow you to store massage functions according to you and your family member’s choice. Again you only need to press a button for two seconds and you will enter into automatic memory mode.

The adjustable head cushion is for extra comfort. You can adjust this foldable design head cushion within 10CM according to your height. The head cushion allows you to enjoy a more comfortable massage.

• Irest Massage Chair A389 Extra Features

It also features 3D audio speakers that allow you to enjoy music while having a massage. The shortcut buttons and O2 ionizer are also included. According to your height, you can extend the calf rest up to 25CM.

Unfortunately, the A389 massage chair does not have an acupressure point sensor and LED touch screen. You can control it by using the iRest massage chair remote.

Final Verdict

The iRest massage chair A100 looks better than the A389. However, both massage chairs have similar features. But, one function is missing in both iRest massage chairs. They do not have three zero-gravity positions.

The zero-gravity feature with three positions is now a common feature in every massage chair. The price of these massage chairs can be higher. If you can afford it, then you must buy one of these massage chairs according to your requirements.

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