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Kahuna SM-7300S – An Honest Review

kahuna sm 7300s review

The Kahuna SM-7300S is an updated version of Kahuna SM-7300 massage chair. There are many advanced and new features in this massage chair. The massage chair features many varieties of different massage programs.

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If you are looking for an all-in-one massage chair, then there is no other choice than the Kahuna SM-7300S. Also, Kahuna is a popular brand for premium and advanced massage chairs. There are many models of premium Kahuna massage chairs.

But, the Kahuna SM-7300S is advanced and better compare to other massage chairs. The Kahuna SM-7300S massage chair will help you to eliminate any types of muscle aches and pain.

In this article, we are going to give all information about this Kahuna massage chair. We will talk that the Kahuna SM-7300S is a good choice or not. If you are thinking to buy a premium massage chair, then you must read this ” Kahuna SM-7300S Review ” article.

Do you want to have this all-in-one massage chair at home?

Then keep reading till the end…

Kahuna SM-7300S Review – Overview

Image Kahuna Superior SM-7300S Massage Chair with SL-Track
Colors Black, Dark Brown
Series SM Series – Premium
Coverage Full-body
MASSAGE SYSTEM – Track SL-track – 48″
MASSAGE SYSTEM – Roller 2 of 1.25″ Rollers on top, 4 of 0.8″ Rollers on bottom
MASSAGE SYSTEM – Technique Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Kneading +Tapping, Rolling
MASSAGE SYSTEM – Speed Up to 5 levels
MASSAGE AIR – Intensity Control 5 levels
MASSAGE AIR – Air-cell Quantity 32
MASSAGE FOOT – Roller 3 Roller Techniques – Scrapping(Ball) , Rolling(Arch) , Tapping(Heel)
MASSAGE Auto – Special Programs 4 Stretching programs – Yoga Stretching, Active Stretching, Sv-Chiro Stretching, Dynamic Stretching. 5 programs – Fast Recovery, Pain Relief, Relaxation, Athlete and 4 special programs – Office Person, Golfer, Senior Mode, Dynamic Sport
MASSAGE Manual – Area Massage Full-body, Partial area of choice, Fixed Point
FEATURES – Space Saving 3.5″ from the wall
FEATURES – Automatic Body Scan Yes
FEATURES – Heating Therapy Lower back and Leg with separate on/off function
FEATURES – Leg Extension Manual, 12″ Extra length
SIZE – Recommended Height 5′ to 6’5″
SIZE – Recommended Weight Under 320 lbs
SIZE – Shoulder & Seating Size Shoulder – 24″ Seating 21″
SIZE – Chair Upright Position 50″ x 32″ x 55″
Price Amazon | Official Website

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Kahuna SM-7300S Review – Features

Zero Gravity Position

Kahuna SM-7300S Zero Gravity Position

The Kahuna SM-7300S comes with three levels of zero gravity positions. These zero gravity positions will make you feel weightless. Zero gravity comes with a space-saving design. Most other massage chairs will require over 20 inches from the wall. But, it will only need 3.5 inches from the wall to recline at the third position.

The massage chair will give you deeper zero gravity angles. There is a reconstructed structural frame for a deeper zero gravity angle in the massage chair. As you know, the zero gravity position is the best way to spread the user’s weight across the chair.

The zero gravity position will help you to relieve chronic back pain and stress on the body. It will provide a more intense massage to effectively relieve stress on your body. To achieve a perfect zero gravity massage, you only need to touch one button on the remote controller.

After having a zero gravity massage, you will immediately feel relief. You may know that the zero gravity massage will elevate your legs higher than the level of the heart. If you are in vertebrobasilar circulatory conditions, then also a zero gravity position is helpful.

The vertebrobasilar are conditions that may cause reduced blood flow to the back of the brain. The zero gravity position will help you to improve blood flow in every part of your brain. There are too many advantages of SM-7300S zero gravity position.

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Auto Massage Programs

The Kahuna SM-7300S Massage chair comes with 13 auto massage programs. These 13 massage programs are to fulfill everyone’s requirements. The massage chair comes with four stretching programs, four SPECIAL programs, and five general programs. Let’s check out all these auto massage programs.

• 5 General Massage Programs

Kahuna SM-7300S General Massage Programs

The five general massage programs include fast recovery, pain relief, relaxation, athlete, and music sync. If you are suffering from any type of pain then a pain relief massage program is best for you.

As the name suggests, the athlete massage program is for athletes and sportsmen. It is the best massage to relax your nervous system after a long sporty day. The relaxation massage program is also the best choice after a hectic day.

Its fast recovery seems like a quick massage according to its name. This massage program can be the best for busy people. The last music sync program allows you to hear your favorite music while having a gentle massage.

• 4 Special Massage Programs

Kahuna SM-7300S Special Massage Programs

The four massage programs are for different persons. These programs include office person, golfer mode, senior mode, and dynamic sport. The office person massage will concentrate on your neck and shoulder.

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The office persons have to sit in front of the screen for long hours. It can lead to chronic back pain, neck and shoulder pain as well. Therefore, the office person massage is perfect for people who sit in front of computers for a long time.

The second program is golfer mode. In the golfer mode, the massage chair will target your lower back, hips, and legs. It will relieve muscle tension from active walking. The third massage program is dynamic spot massage.

It is a massage program that you can have to get a fresh start. The last massage program is the senior mode. It will target your overall body. This is a full-body massage program. It is a massage program that you will enjoy in your daily life.

• 4 Stretching Massage Programs

Kahuna SM-7300S Review - Stretching Programs

The stretching massage program is helpful to make your body flexible. These four stretching massage programs include yoga stretching, active stretching, SV-CHIRO stretching, and dynamic stretching.

Yoga Stretching
Yoga Stretching

As you know yoga is now becoming popular day by day. Yoga is the best workout to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The yoga stretching massage program will remove toxins and waste.

It will relieve stress. This yoga stretching massage program is rejuvenating and relaxing. The second massage program is active stretching. This active stretching program will concentrate on your upper back.

It will massage your back with three different massage techniques. The active stretching program will use a combination of knocking, rolling, and tapping massage. The third one is SV-CHIRO stretching.


If you are having lower back pain, then the SV-CHIRO massage program is best for you. It will also use the same technique to massage your body. The last stretching program is dynamic stretching.

This dynamic stretching program will massage your entire back. It will perform multi-speed stretching and use different massage techniques to massage your body.

SL-Track System

Kahuna SM-7300S Review - SL-Track

The Kahuna SM-7300S massage chair comes with a six-wheel roller system. It will effectively follow the curvature of your spine. The SL-Track system will massage your back from the neck to the hamstring area.

This extended SL-track system comes with two additional rollers. These rollers will massage your back with unique techniques. The SL-Track system will remove your neck and back pain. It will also massage your hamstring area.

Some massage chairs come with heated massage rollers. The heated massage rollers are effective for back pain. According to the quality of this chair, it should have heated rollers. But, these rollers are also helpful to relieve back pain. Also, the Kahuna SM-7300S comes with back and leg heating therapy.

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Heating Functions

Kahuna SM-7300S Review - Heat Function

Most massage chairs feature only a back heating function. But, the Kahuna SM-7300S has the heating function for the leg as well. With the SL-Track system, the heating therapy will give you a relaxing back massage.

You can select the leg and back heating function separately. There are too many benefits of this heating function. However, you cannot adjust the temperature level of the heating function.


Kahuna SM-7300S Review - Size

The Kahuna SM-7300S is taller in size than other massage chairs. It provides a larger sitting area than standard massage chairs. The SM-7300S can accommodate average builds as well.

It is a perfect-sized massage chair. The size of SM-7300S is not too big or too small. The massage is comfortable for people with 6.5ft height and 320lbs weight. Overall, it is a perfect size for everyone. Anyone can comfortably use this massage chair.

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Wrap Around Calf and Foot Massage

Kahuna SM-7300S Wrap Around

The wrap-around squeeze massage is helpful to relax your tired leg. It will massage your leg with three different techniques at once. With the wrap-around massage, the massage chair will give you an advanced foot massage.

This advanced foot massage will use scrapping, rolling, and kneading massage techniques. It will reduce muscle aches and strain. The wrap-around foot massage provides instant relief to your legs.

There are also air cells on the side of your claves. These air cells will inflate and wrap around the side of your claves. It will also massage the top of the foot. The wrap-around squeeze massage is much helpful if you have leg pain.

Bluetooth Speakers

Kahuna SM-7300S Bluetooth Speakers

Most of the premium massage chairs now come with Bluetooth speakers. These Bluetooth speakers allow you to connect your Bluetooth devices with the massage chair. You can hear your favorite music while having a gentle massage.

In the music sync program, the massage chair will massage your body with peaceful music. Peaceful music creates a happy and relaxing environment. It can also improve the effectiveness of massage chairs.


Kahuna SM-7300S Warranty

A warranty is necessary for any massage chair. The Kahuna SM-7300S provides you with a full two-year warranty. This two-year warranty will cover all parts and labor costs. You do not need to pay anything for this massage chair within two years.

The warranty also offers site repair services. However, it will not cover daily wear and tear in any fabric. It will also not cover customer accidents such as water damage, burns, and cuts. Therefore, be careful while using the Kahuna SM-7300S massage chair.

Body Scan and Acupressure Tracking System

Kahuna - Body Scan

Like other massage chairs, Kahuna SM-7300S also includes body scan technology. The body scan technology will scan your body whenever you start the massage. It will detect your body size for an individual custom massage. The Kahuna SM-7300S also includes an acupressure tracking system.

Other Features

Kahuna SM-7300S Other Features

Moreover, the Kahuna SM-7300S massage chair provides a longer massage time. It allows you to use one massage program for a maximum of one hour. However, there will be an interval of 10 to 15 minutes.

Usually, automatic massage modes are 20 minutes long. But, this massage chair allows you to extend 30 minutes for a long massage. In most massage chairs, you cannot adjust the time of auto programs.

This feature makes Kahuna SM-7300S unique. You can also adjust the massage speed up to five levels. Keep the intensity at the lower level while using the chair the first time. You can also change the air pressure up to five levels.

There are only a few massage chairs that allow you to adjust the roller width. The Kahuna massage chair is one of them. You can adjust the width of rollers up to three levels. The massage chair comes with a remote controller. You can change all these settings using that remote controller.

Kahuna SM-7300S Review – User’s Critic

According to a user, the foot massage rollers are excellent. But, the airbags on the feet squeeze too hard at the higher settings. They also complain about the zero gravity position.

The massage chair will automatically recline in a zero-gravity position after completing the massage. You have to move the chair manually. The massage chair should automatically return to standard settings.

Otherwise, the users are happy with this high-quality massage chair. It is a massage chair that your whole family can use. According to a user, the Kahuna SM-7300S is the best massage chair and worth every penny.

Kahuna SM-7300S Review – Pros & Cons


  • Easy to set up and install
  • Too comfortable sit
  • Comes with six roller SL-track system
  • It has 13 auto massage programs
  • One hour longer massage
  • Features Bluetooth speakers
  • Three-stage zero gravity position


  • Airbags on feet squeeze too hard
  • Massage chair automatically reclines to zero gravity position

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Kahuna SM-7300S Review – Final Verdict

The Kahuna is one of the leading companies of massage chairs in the market. There are many models of Kahuna massage chairs. But, the SM-7300S is a bit advanced and comes with more features.

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However, its roller massage can feel a bit hard when you use it for the first time. Therefore, you should start the massage chair with a lower setting. After that, you can increase intensity according to your comfort. Once you get used to the massage chair even higher settings will feel comfortable. Do take care of yourself. See you soon…

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