8 Cheapest L-Track Massage Chairs For 2022 -Buying Guide

cheapest l-track massage chair

Recent studies show that people of all age groups suffer from stress-related physical symptoms. This alarming situation can be coped up by taking stress management therapy but it’s quite expensive and time taking.

But what if I tell you about the best alternative with which you can take better care of your mind and body? In that regard, massage chairs are an excellent purchase as these help in relaxing after a hectic day.

These also decrease the risk of diseases and strengthen the immune system. However, these have high prices but after several hours of research, I have found some cheapest L-track massage chairs!

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Comparison Table

Cheapest L-Track Massage Chairs – Reviews

1. Human Touch Whole Body 7.1 Massage Chair – Top Pick


On the top of the list is the Human touch whole body 7.1 massage chair which is not only beautiful in terms of design but also takes less space for storage. The great about these companies’ massage chairs is that they are rich in features and can be effortlessly adjusted in any kind of home décor.

Let’s take a deeper look at this popular full-body massage chair!

Design & Aesthetics

The special feature which makes the Human touch massage chairs stand out from the crowd is their aesthetic design. Same as an office chair, you can swivel on it to more than 55 degrees that make it a great product for the price.

Moreover, you can reposition the massage rollers of this chair by using its remote. Rollers may take some time for reaching to the right spot, but this is worthy of putting effort into.

Automatic Recline Feature

If you have the issue of chronic back pain then I can understand how difficult it will be for you to manually incline your chair. Luckily, this amazing massage chair will save you from this trouble as it can be reclined automatically just by pushing a button.

FlexGlide Technology 

The common complaint about massage chairs is that their rollers make a person feel uncomfortable because of punching and rubbing. However, this one is designed by using unique technology and will provide you with a high-quality massage without any hindrance.


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to use
  • Provides a comfortable massage


  • Not much durable

2. Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair – Budget Pick

2. Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

The zero gravity massage chair is by BestMassage brand and has a deluxe style. Adding to this, it is made up of using high-quality leather hence, to last for years. Its frame is structured by using iron and strong enough to be resistant to wear & tear.

There are multiple other features that this massage chair provides you so, keep on browsing!

Functional Diversity

You will be surprised to know that even at such a cheap price, this full-body massage chair gives you the luxury of using 7 massage modes. These modes include taping, shiatsu, air pressure, heating, knocking, and two auto programs for providing you with the best experience.

Besides, you can also manually adjust its functions for creating your personalized message. It contains three-speed control levels and gives you the luxury of using a special stretching program for a full-body stretch.

Heat Therapy

To provide you with the benefits of heat therapy, it contains an airbag in the thighs, calves, and buttocks area. This will increase the flow of blood in your body which will further help in the faster recovery of muscles and joints.


Other than that, the manufacturer offers you a full money-back guarantee in case you don’t like this massage chair. Their customer service is also worth praising and you can freely ask them any question about this chair.


  • Equipped with 7 massage modes
  • Beautifully designed massage chair
  • Remains quiet during its working


  • Not very comfortable

3. Real Relax Massage Chair, Thai Yoga Stretch 3D

3. Real Relax Massage Chair, Thai Yoga Stretch 3D

Next on the list is the real relax massage chair which is greatly praised by the customers because of its eye-catching design. This chair is made by using faux leather material and is very easy to assemble so, you won’t need any additional tools for its setting.

Some of its worth-mentioning features are given below!

Zero Gravity Design

The zero gravity position was first used by NASA to keep astronauts in a comfortable position for reducing their body stress. This Thai yoga stretch massage chair is also equipped with a zero-gravity design hence has a lot of benefits.

It promotes the production of pleasure hormones like serotonin for making your mind and body feel relaxed. Besides, it also helps you in getting rid of chronic back pain and decreases the pressure on the spine.

Automatic Programs

For your convenience, this massage chair comes with 6 preset automatic programs. But if you are the kind of person who is not comfortable with preset programs and want something customizable then worry no further.

As the real relax massage chair has 3 speeds, 3 intensity, and variable airbags for creating a personalized massage.

Space Saving Technology

Thanks to its space-saving technology which make it an ideal option for small homes, office, and balcony. Furthermore, you can try different massage techniques with this chair to reduce your muscle tension and pain.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Super comfy to use
  • Has a fancy design


  • Not strong enough

4. FR-6KSL Massage Chair, Full Body Shiatsu L-Track

4. FR-6KSL Massage Chair, Full Body Shiatsu L-Track

The FR-6kSL is a high-quality massage chair that will provide you incredible value in return for your hard-earned money. The distinguishing feature of this chair is that even at a cheap price, it is equipped with a 3D body scan.

Hence, you can have customized massage according to your specific body type.

Sophisticated Design

Speaking about its appearance, it has a sleek and sophisticated design and will surely beautify the looks of that place where you will keep it. For your entire body, it offers various massage techniques and is considered the best full-body massage chair.

SL-Track Frame

This machine works by using an SL-Track frame that moves the rollers in specific positions for providing you with a perfect massage. Other than that, it is powered with lumbar heat, inflating airbags, and premium rollers to target each part of your body.

Other Characteristics

This massage chair also has a zero-gravity feature for keeping your body in a weightless position hence, you will feel relaxed. The most wonderful feature of this chair is that it comes with Bluetooth speakers so, you can enjoy listening to music during the massage.

Note that, its intensity could be too strong for you initially but you don’t need to worry. As you can adjust it anytime by using its adjustable levels or you can use the towel to lessen its strength.


  • Contains six different massage types
  • Uses a 3D body scan for customized massage
  • Comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers


  • Its intensity can be vigorous on the feet & legs

5. iRest A306 2021 Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner

5. iRest 2021 Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner

The iRest A306 massage chair is one of the best zero gravity chairs available in the market. To add more perspective to it, this chair comes with multiple massage options and is easy to use.

To check out the other feature of this massage chair, continue reading!

Massage Techniques

The basic purpose of using full-body massage equipment is to give you relief from muscle fatigue. That’s what this amazing chair does as it works by using multiple massage technology for providing you with an incredible experience.

At a time, you can use its five different massage techniques including tapping, finger pressing, and kneading.

Al Voice Control

The most distinguishing feature of this zero gravity chair is that it is powered with the Al voice control. Therefore now you don’t need to move your body as you can comfortably control its functioning merely by voice commands.

Additional Features

This chair is available in two colors including black and brown so, you have the choice of picking up your favorite one among these options. Also, it contains 12 different types of automatic massage functions including whole-body massage, back, and waist massage, etc.

This chair is very easy to use as it comes with a handrail shortcut key, pause button, and auto mode button. The manufacturer offers you a long-term warranty of 3 years on purchasing this chair so what else you could ask for?


  • Convenient to use
  • Automatic body scan
  • Provides amazing massage experience


  • It is tricky to adjust its intensity

6. Electric Shiatsu Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

This full-body electric massage chair is an ideal option for all those who want an affordable yet efficient product. It has multiple massage modes including some preset programs and customizable massage for relieving your body stress.

Highly Versatile

This is a multi-functional massage chair that has seven different massage modes including heating, stretching, air pressure, shiatsu, etc. Other than that, it contains 9 different preset automatic massage programs so, you can try a different type every time.

Besides, this massage chair is also capable of providing you a deep tissue massage. This makes it a great option for all those who suffer from muscle tension and fatigue.


For adjusting the air pressure, this chair has four levels while it contains 3 additional levels for adjusting width, intensity, and speed. Hence, it provides proper along with heating back and forth to your shoulder, neck, leg, back, and feet.

Multiple Airbags

It contains 21 airbags which are strategically divided for covering your claves, feet, thighs, hips, shoulders, and arms. These efficient airbags will boost up the healing process of your tissues and muscles.

For measuring the length of your spine, it also contains built-in sensors. Therefore, it helps in improving your posture by correcting the wrong position of your back and spine.


  • Automatically adjustable massage intensity
  • Has seven different massage modes
  • Smart body scan for a custom massage


  • Does not have any foot rollers

7. Osaki OS-Pro Yamato L-Track Massage Chair

Next up is the Osaki OS-Pro Yamato that comes with has a unique and modern design. Additionally, you can adjust its setting easily without any trouble and it provides you the best massage in the comfort of your home.

Auto Body Scan

This L track massage chair contains special sensors in the back massage module. These will firstly scan the curvature of your body and then will provide you with an accurate massage according to your specified body needs.

2 Stages of Zero Gravity

Massage chairs are not only a nice piece of equipment but these are rich in such feature which provides multiple health benefits. Like its specially designed two stages of zero gravity that helps in optimizing the blood flow and transport it to every part of your body.

Needless to say that, the proper flow of blood not only helps to fight hypertension but also boosts up the immune system. This makes your body strong enough to fight the disease-causing organisms and keeps you healthy. 

Foot Massage and Calf Kneading

On the bright side, this massage chair comes with a spinning foot massage for providing you with a soothing feeling. This makes it a great option especially for those people who have to work mostly in a standing position and often suffer from foot pain.


  • Has an elegant design
  • Equipped with two stages of zero gravity
  • Provides a comfortable feel during a massage


  • Needs some additional padding for foot massage

8. PS4 Massage Chair Recliner Shiatsu Zero Gravity  

The final option in this list is the PS4 massage chair which is very versatile, comes with the guarantee, and is equipped with heat therapy. After a hectic day, you can get a soothing massage with this chair to relieve all of your fatigue, isn’t it great?

Humanization Design

The most amazing feature of this massage chair is that it will provide a comfortable massage same as human hands. It efficiently sorts out the noise problem and provides you a quiet message without making harsh noise.

For connecting it with other devices, this chair comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers that are very useful. Moreover, it contains multiple airbags on the sides, hip, and waistline areas to provide you with a compression massage.


It is very diverse in its functioning and has seven massage modes along with 2 different preset auto massage programs. It has three levels for controlling the speed of massage and you can adjust it manually according to your comfort level. 

Other Traits

It is also equipped with zero gravity for elevating your foot to the heart level hence, minimizing the effect of gravity. For providing you a complete relaxing massage, its four rollers work together along with the other areas.

Besides, it is quite easy to assemble and has earned a lot of praise from the customers because of its flawless performance.


  • 7 massage modes
  • Super comfortable to use
  • Great product for the price
  • Contains 100% refund warranty


  • No color options

Buying Guide

The best massage chair is equipped with a variety of features for providing you the multiple health benefits. But nowadays there are a lot of models available with different specifications which make it difficult to choose the right option.

However, the purchasing decisions could be quite easy for you if you keep in mind the following factors!

Zero Gravity

The first and most important feature to consider is the zero gravity position. This perfectly distributes your body weight and helps you in curing chronic back pain along with making you feel comfortable.

Total Air Bags

Airbags help in providing the appropriate massage on different parts of your body so pay attention to the total number of airbags present in the chair. These work like blood pressure measuring devices and provide a soothing massage by applying pressure on muscles & tissues.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is an old and useful method for improving blood circulation, relieving stress, and curing aching. Hence, it’s mandatory to check out the number and positioning of air pads before buying a massage chair.


Rollers are of three types which include 2D rollers, 3D rollers, and 4D rollers. The 2-D rollers are very old and not much useful at present while 4D rollers don’t have anything new to offer. Therefore, look for the 3D rollers as they are more efficient in doing their job and worth considering.

Body Scanning Technology

The most crucial thing to notice in any massage chair is body scan technology and it also detects your height & weight. It is because this will allow you to appropriately align the structure of the chair according to the shape of your body.

Hence, you will not have any trouble in finding your pressure points as it will automatically do this job for you.

Cheapest L-Track Massage Chairs – Conclusion

Before making a final decision, consider all the features, prices, and performance of a massage chair. My best choice regarding the cheapest L-track massage chair is the FR-6KSL full-body massage chair.

It is a premium quality chair with the perfect combination of hearing, airbags, rollers, and zero gravity mode.

Feel free to ask about your queries and kindly share this article.

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