2D vs 3D vs 4D Massage Chair – Full Guide

What is the difference between 2d vs 3d vs 4d massage chairs

2D vs 3D vs 4D is the most confusing term when buying massage chairs. What are the differences between 2D vs 3D massage chair? What are the differences between 3D vs 4D massage chair?

We usually receive these types of questions from our readers. We are going to clear the confusion of 2D vs 3D vs 4D massage chair. Along with the detailed comparison, we will also mention some best massage chairs in this post.

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What is the Difference between 2D and 3D Massage Chairs?

The 2D massage chairs are the best option for people who are looking for a simple casual massage. What does 2D mean? The 2D massage rollers can move in 2 dimensions (up-down & left-right).

It is a basic version of a massage chair. Though, the 2D massage chair will give you a good relaxing massage. Also, 2D massage chairs are more affordable than 3D massage chairs.

What is a 3D massage chair? Is 2D better than 3D? The simple answer is NO. However, it depends on the individual. But, the 3D massage chair can give you a more relaxing massage than 2D.

In the 3D massage chair, you can adjust the intensity of the massage. The 3D massage chair can move in three dimensions (up-down, left-right, and in-out).

The 3D massage chair also offers better functions than 2D. Therefore, its price is high comparatively. With other features like heating therapy, zero gravity, and air massage the 3D massage chair will give rejuvenating massage experience.

Insignia 2D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

What is the Difference between 3D and 4D massage chair?

All massage chair brands are trying to improve the technologies used in their massage chair. A massage chair with advanced functionality will crack the market.

Therefore, new versions of massage chairs are coming one by one. First version 2D massage chair, the second 3D massage chair, and now the new 4D massage chair. Which version is the best?

Off course, the latest version is the best. Many believe that 4D massage chairs are similar to 3D massage chairs. They are a bit different. What is a 4D massage chair? What does 4D mean?

Do not think that 4D means 4-Dimenstion massage chair. It is a marketing term to show that it’s an upgraded version of a 3D massage chair. The 4D massage chairs are designed to replicate the massage from a massage therapist.

The 4D massage chairs feature L-track rollers. It can go all the way to your hamstring area from the neck. Whereas, the 3D massage chair massages your body with S-track rollers. However, some 3D massage chair comes with L-track rollers.

The S-track rollers can massage from your neck to the upper parts of your thighs. The 4D massage chairs win the game at this point. One more point where the 4D massage chair goes up is the adjustable speed of the rollers.

It will automatically speed up or down the rollers to target particular muscles. The users can also adjust the speed of rollers manually. Overall the 4D massage chairs give more control to the users.

Other features of a 4D massage chair are similar to a 3D massage chair. Both offer heating rollers, air massage, speakers, and many functions. In some 4D massage chairs, you can adjust the temperature of rollers.

Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair

Are 4D Massage Chairs worth it?

 What is the price of a 4D massage chair? The price of a 4D massage chair will be $5000 or more. However, it can vary. But, a 4D massage chair is worth this price. It will give you a more realistic massage experience than any other massage chair.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro 4D

Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist

Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist

Massage chair vs real massage which is a better option? If you are buying a massage chair for the first time, this question will raise in your mind. Let’s compare both massages and see which one is better.


Buying a massage chair is a one-time investment for everyday relaxation. When compared with a massage therapist, the cost per massage is much lower with a massage chair.

Also, you can get finance for a massage chair which is not an option for a one-time massage service. However, it also depends on how frequently you like to get a massage.

Time Saving

To have a massage therapist, you will need an appointment first of all. It means you have to follow the time given by the therapist. But with a massage chair, you can get a massage anytime at your home. It is more convenient and time-saving.

Money-Back Guarantee

The most massage chair comes with a money-back guarantee. You can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the massage chair. This will not work while having a massage in a massage parlor.

Massage Area

The massage chair covers enough area of your body. But, you cannot compare that with a massage therapist. A massage therapist can cover almost every part of your body. A massage chair cannot effectively cover all parts of your body.


Privacy is the big reason for buying a massage chair. It can be uncomfortable for you when a stranger touches your body. Because of this, you will not get the maximum benefit of massage. If you are a shy person, you must look forward to buying a massage chair.

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Final Verdict

Every massage chair has its own benefits, whether it is a 2D, 3D, or 4D massage chair. It all depends on the buyer. Are you looking for an affordable yet effective massage chair?

We will recommend a 2D massage chair. If your budget is a bit high, 3D massage chairs are more suitable. And if you have the budget, 4D massage chairs are the best option.

If your pocket doesn’t allow you to purchase a 4D massage chair, don’t hesitate to buy a 2D or 3D massage chair. 

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