What Is a Shiatsu Massage Chair? Here’s The Answer

What Is a Shiatsu Massage Chair

What is a shiatsu massage chair? While researching for a massage chair, you will see different types of massage chairs. The Shiatsu massage chair is one of them.

Shiatsu is also a type of massage that you have in a massage parlor. What is shiatsu massage? The shiatsu massage is a combination of rolling, tapping, and kneading sensations in your body.

What are the shiatsu massage chair benefits? There are lots of health benefits of shiatsu massage that we are going to discuss. Do shiatsu massage chairs work? Your all questions will be answered in this post.

So read on to learn more…

What is Shiatsu Massage?

The word shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning finger pressure. The shiatsu massage also originated in Japan. In this massage, the massager uses his hands or thumb to apply pressure on various points.

Some healthcare professionals consider shiatsu massage a modification of acupressure. The shiatsu massage gives many health benefits. It reduces back pain, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

It also helps to improve sleep and blood circulation. You cannot get a shiatsu massage every day without a massage chair. The massage chair offers different types of massages.

It can give you deep tissue massage, tapping massage, shiatsu massage, etc. The massage chairs use special techniques to perform these massage programs.

Let’s see what is shiatsu massage chair. How it can give you a shiatsu massage?

What is the Shiatsu Massage Chair?

What is the Shiatsu Massage Chair

Most of the massage chair comes with a shiatsu massage feature. The massage chairs mimic human hands using their rollers. The massage rollers are designed to apply deep pressure in a continuous sequence.

Like a masseuse’s fingers, the rollers will apply pressure to specific acupressure points on your body. A massage chair having this feature is called a shiatsu massage chair.

Not only shiatsu massage but massage chairs offer you many different massages. It includes vibration massage, air compression or squeeze massage, kneading massage, and many more.

Some massage chairs offer Swedish massage. The Swedish massage helps to release tension and break up knots in your muscles. A massage chair can give you different types of massage every day at your comfort. Therefore, massage chairs are a time investment.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage Chair

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage Chair

The shiatsu massage chair technology increases your energy levels to stimulate healing and relieve stress. A shiatsu massage chair is a solution for people suffering from arthritis and sleep disorders.

It can also help you with migraines and frequent headaches. A shiatsu massage chair can improve your mood after a hectic day. It can also reduce constipation.

The shiatsu massage strengthens your muscles while improving recovery, durability, and flexibility. Moreover, a shiatsu massage chair can improve digestion as well.

A shiatsu massage chair does not only give health benefits but takes good care of your pocket. Going to a masseuse every day for a shiatsu massage is too expensive and time-consuming.

If you have a shiatsu massage chair, you can relax your body every day in the comfort of your home. Which shiatsu massage chair should you purchase? 

Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Osaki Platinum OP-4D Master Massage Chair

Osaki Platinum OP-4D Master Massage Chair

The Osaki OP-4D massage chair can be an option for a shiatsu massage chair. Six manual massage modes include kneading, tapping (I, II), rolling, and Shiatsu (I, II). 

It also offers an extra feature of shoulder massage. The massage chair has a massage node on each side of the shoulder. With automatic shoulder adjustment, it will detect the user’s shoulder height and width. 

Moreover, there is a lumber heating feature, Bluetooth speakers, muscle tension detection, and many more. However, it is an expensive massage chair. We will still recommend purchasing it if your pocket allows. 

Real Relax Favor-06 Shiatsu Massage Chair

Real Relax Favor-06

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then a really relaxing shiatsu massage chair is for you. The massage chair also has features like stretch massage and auto body scan.

It has an SL-track system with 3D rollers from your neck to hip. There are Bluetooth speakers as well. It comes with a waist heater, foot massage rollers, and airbag massage on your feet.

The Real Relax is also a well-known brand; you can trust the quality of the product. It will cost you under $2000 on Amazon. It is a great deal. Other massage chairs are far more expensive.  

Final Verdict

Do shiatsu massage chairs work? Yes, it works. Is the Shiatsu massage chair good for you? The shiatsu massage chairs are beneficial, especially for those who spend a long time on a chair.

They have a risk of developing blood clots. But, a shiatsu massage chair improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of blood clots. You may not have any concerns about the shiatsu massage chair.

The shiatsu massaging back seats are also available on the market. If massage chairs are expensive, you can look forward to the shiatsu massaging back seat.

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