S-Track vs. L-Track vs. SL-Track Massage Chair – What’s the Difference

S-Track vs L-Track vs SL-Track What's The Difference

What are S-track, L-track, and SL-track massage systems? These are massage chair track types. Every massage chair comes with one of these tracks to massage your body.

S-track vs. L-track vs. SL-track which track is the best? Well, all three types of rollers give you a decent massage. But, the difference is the area they cover while massaging your body.

The track system also affects the price of a massage chair. You will find an S-track massage system in pocket-friendly massage chairs. Mid-range massage chairs have an L-track massage system. In comparison, the SL-track massage system is available in top models of massage chairs.

What are the key differences between these three massage systems?

Here is the answer…

What Is a Roller Track?

The roller track is a path that helps the roller to massage your body from the neck to the lower back. Some roller track goes all the way to the hamstring. With the roller track, massage chairs can give you the experience of human hand massage.

What Is S-Track Massage Chair?


The S-track massage rollers are mostly found in entry-level massage chairs. In s-track massage chair,‘s’ stands for ‘sinusoidal’.  In simple language, Sinusoidal means wave.

The S-track massage rollers follow the natural curvature of the spine. With an S-Track system, the rollers will move up and down from the neck to the lower back.

The ‘S’ shape of the track gives a more comfortable massage experience. However, these S-Track rollers cannot massage the lower body from the waist to the thighs. The length of the S-Track system is around 80 to 90cm.

Some massage chairs come with additional features like heating therapy and airbags. With the S-Track massage system, these features will also enhance your massage experience.

Most of the S-Track massage chairs feature 2D rollers. Which S-track massage chair is the best? The Osaki OS 4000T Massage chair is a great option. It offers heated lumber, auto leg scan, and many other features at a low price.  

What Is L-Track Massage Chair?


S track vs. L track, which is better? There are no big differences between these massage chairs. The L-Track massage chair covers more area than the S-Track massage chair.

L-Track rollers go down to your glutes and hamstring. If you have pain in your glutes or hamstring, then the L-Track massage chair will be a perfect option. However, the L-Track massage chairs are a bit more costly than the S-Track massage chairs.

If you do not need a massage in your hamstring area, then you should look for an S-Track massage chair. But, if your pocket allows you, then you must go for an L-Track massage chair. The length of the L-Track system is around 55 to 60 inches.

It is a mid-range massage chair that gives you a complete full-body massage. Some massage chair offers 4D massage rollers with an L-Track system.

The Ogawa Active L Plus massage chair can be a good option for an L-Track system. There is an affordable L-Track massage chair as well. You can go with the Osaki OS-Pro Alpina Massage chair to save a few dollars.

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What Is SL-Track Massage Chair?


The SL-Track massage system is like a combination of the S-Track and L-Track systems but more like the L-Track. It follows the natural curvature of the spine and goes down to the hamstrings, The SL-Track rollers are mostly available in top models of massage chairs.

It offers superior quality massage. The SL-Track system is suitable for 4D massage rollers. You can adjust the speed of 4D massage rollers. It moves up-down, in-out, and left-right.

It ensures that every muscle of your back will be massaged perfectly. The length of the SL-Track system is similar to the L-Track system. But, it makes a big impact on your pocket.

The SL-Track massage chairs are costlier than the S-Track and L-Track. It will cost you around $6000 or more. You should consider about Osaki Otamic 4D Sedona SL-Track massage chair.

There are some low-budget SL-Track massage chairs like Synca HISHO SL-Track. But, it is difficult to believe in the quality of these massage chairs.

What Is J-track Massage Chair?


Like the SL-Track, the J-Track is a perfect combination of the S-Track and the L-Track. The J-Track massage chairs are also known as flex-track massage chairs.

The J-Track has a wider angle, unlike the L-Track which has 90 degrees angle.

It is known for its capability of covering a wide area. There are two good options for a J-Track massage chair.

If your budget is low then the Titan Osaki OS-Soho J-Track massage chair is perfect. Otherwise, you should go for the Kyota Kokoro M888 J-Track massage chair.

It offers features like body-scanning technology, voice commands 4D massage rollers, and more. 

What Is Split Track Massage Chair?


The Split-Track massage chairs are different. It has separate rollers to massage your back and hamstring. Other types of tracks have one pair of rollers to massage your back and hamstring.

The Split-Track massage chair has two pairs of rollers. One to massage from neck to waist and another to massage from waist to hamstring. Therefore, it is called a Split-Track massage chair.

But, it gives you the same massage experience that you get with other types of massage rollers. You can also call it a dual-track massage chair. The dual-track massage chairs are a bit more costly comparatively.

You can go with the Luraco i9 Max massage chair. It comes with a Split L-Track system. It has the benefit of both L-Track and S-Track systems.  

Final Verdict

The bottom line is S, L, and SL track massage chairs do not have major differences. All these tracks are best on their own. You can choose the L-Track, J-Track, or SL-Track massage chair if you need massage on your hamstring and glutes.

Otherwise, the S-Track system will give you enough comfort. Also, keep your budget and trustful brand in mind while choosing. That’s it for now. See you in the next one.

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