Do Massage Chairs Help You Lose Weight? – Here’s The Answer

Do Massage Chairs Help You Lose Weight

According to WHO, over 1 billion people are suffering from obesity worldwide. You are here means you are one of them. Let’s get to the point. Do massage chairs help you lose weight? The answer is yes.

Following a proper diet and regular workout is not possible for everyone. Wait, we are not saying that you can get rid of obesity by relaxing on a massage chair. So, how can a massage help you lose weight?  

The massage cannot aid weight loss, but it can support the process of weight loss. A massage chair will help you to lose weight with a proper diet and regular exercise. Let’s talk about this in detail. 

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What are the Causes of Obesity?

What are the Causes of Obesity

Before understanding the role of massage chairs in losing weight, let’s see how we become too fat. You will find many reasons for obesity. We have picked up five causes of weight gain. You will find these five causes in most obese people.

Food Addiction

do massage chairs help you lose weight - Food Addiction

Are you addicted to junk food? Junk food plays a big role in weight gain. It is similar to alcohol addiction and drug addiction. In some individuals, after eating junk food their brain releases a hormone called ‘dopamine’ that makes them happy.

If you cannot control your eating behavior, then food addiction is the reason behind your obesity.


do massage chairs help you lose weight - Genetics

Bad eating habits are not the only reason behind obesity. Some people eat less but have a fatty body. Obesity has a strong relation with genetics. However, you can still lose weight by following the proper way.

High Insulin Levels

do massage chairs help you lose weight - High Insulin Levels

High insulin levels also can be a reason behind obesity. However, it is not 100% proven cause of obesity. You may increase your fiber intake. It will help to lose weight if high insulin is the reason behind your obesity.


do massage chairs help you lose weight - Medicines

Antidepressants, diabetes medication, and antipsychotics are the medicines that can cause obesity. We will never recommend you to stop taking these medicines. Controlled diet and exercise may help you to lose weight.


do massage chairs help you lose weight - Sugar

Added sugar is also a reason behind weight gain. Avoid added sugar in your diet. It will directly impact your obesity.

These are the reasons for obesity. Just like common causes, there are simple solutions as well. Those are a healthy diet, regular workouts, and massage. A massage for weight loss? Yes, a massage.

Do Massage Chairs Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, of course. A massage chair will surely help you lose weight. There are a few reasons why a massage can help you lose weight. Let’s check them out.

Improves Blood Circulation

You may know that massage can improve blood circulation in your body. Improved blood circulation means your organs get better oxygen and nutrition. Your organs can function properly.

It will also improve your digestive system. Low blood circulation can cause many health issues including obesity. Good blood circulation will also improve your energy levels.

Massage Improves Metabolism

A massage chair also helps to improve metabolism. What is metabolism? Well, metabolism means the rate of burned calories in your body. Does massage burn calories?

Yes, massage can burn calories by increasing metabolism in your body. With a high metabolism, you can burn calories while sleeping. Increased metabolism will help you to lose your belly fat.

If you want to lose weight fast, you can follow some tips to improve your metabolism. Take protein food and green tea. Protein foods will burn more calories during digestion.

Releases Stress

This is the main benefit of having a massage. The massage chair relieves stress and relaxes your body. Some people overeat when they feel stressed. Do you overeat when you are in stress?

Don’t worry; a massage chair can prevent you from overheating by giving you a relaxing massage. It aids weight loss with body massage. 

Improvement in Sleep Cycle

Massage will also improve your sleep cycle. If you are not sleeping at least eight hours a day, it can be a reason behind weight gain. Irregular sleep will cause low metabolism.

Low metabolism means a high risk of obesity. You may daily use a massage chair to improve your sleep quality. It will give you healing eight hours of sleep.

Fast Muscle Recovery

When you start workouts for the first time, you may feel savior pain in your muscles. The reason behind this pain is soreness in your muscles. During the initial days of the workout, your muscles will wear and tear.

The pain will motivate you to avoid the gym and workout the next day. It will decrease your willpower to lose weight. The massage chair will make your body ready for the next day.

The massage chair will not only recover your muscles but will increase muscle strength and quality.

Tips for Using Massage Chair for Weight Loss

Tips for Using Massage Chair for Weight Loss

There are no special uses of massage chairs for weight loss. But, you should follow some tips before using the massage chair. This will improve the effectiveness of massage chairs.

The first is to use a massage chair regularly. Make massage chair your routine for weight loss. Massage chairs come with many pre-programmed massage chairs.

Use targeted massage programs for different parts of your body. The most important thing is to sit properly in the massage chair. If you are not sitting correctly in the massage chair, then it can cause injuries in your muscles.

Final Verdict

This is how a massage chair helps you to lose weight. However, this may not work for every individual. Also, only massage will not aid 100% weight loss. It helps weight loss, but following a healthy diet and daily exercise is also necessary.

If you have trouble finding the best massage chairs, you can check the reviews of massage chairs on our website. See you in the following article. Stay connected…

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